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Advanced Elements StraitEdge Canoe

Advanced Elements StraitEdge Canoe

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This product has been discontinued. Don't worry, we have more Inflatable Kayaks.
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ACK Review: The Advanced Elements StraitEdge Canoe is for the folks that love canoe life but hate the transportation. This canoe folds up into a little bag and inflates in minutes. A great canoe for those apartment and motor home folks that still want to get out on the water.
Customer Rating: 4.0 of 5
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This is not for tall people. My wife and I are both 5 foot mid range. IF you are short, this canoe will work great with some small adjustments. First, there are four loops in the back, get some good marine rope and tighten the back end up. (Makes it easier to steer and doesn't flop so much) Second, I made a pvc keel that fits on the bottom of the canoe, slides into the aluminum rib pouches. I think they sell a keel for their kayaks, you'd have to find a similar size and hope it fits the canoe. My wife and I love the portability of it, buy the manual pump with the dial, an electric pump usually doesn't have enough "umph" to fill up the canoe properly.
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