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Petzl Elios Helmet - Closeout

Petzl Elios Helmet - Closeout

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This product has been replaced by Petzl Elios Helmet .
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After being hit in the head with a bolt end, and having to avoid a bunch of nails, in a crawlspace last month, decided to get a helmet. In an attic or crawlspace it needs a strap to stay on and has to sit low on the head since sometimes there's only 12 inches of headroom. This looks pretty good, I like the vents for attics since they can get hot. In a crawlspace I'll keep them closed (and maybe put some duct tape over the vents in the back) to keep the dust out when I'm lying on my back taking pictures. I Like the clips to hold my headlight in place. Feels nice and light. Doesn't seem sturdy enough for some construction hazards, like a crane swinging a load of rebar into your head, but seems great for my use. Haven't tried it yet in a crawlspace.
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