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Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Kayak - 2014 - Elevated Seat - Closeout

Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Kayak - 2014 - Elevated Seat - Closeout

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Customer Rating: 4.0 of 5
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You get a pretty good value with the Ride 115. I have the high and low seat and use the high most of the time. I have found that for the length, it tracks really well and is not a chore to paddle with the Camano paddle. I took off a star because I wish it was just a tad more stable for standing. I can stand, but it is going to take a lot of practice to be really good and comfortable doing it. You have to have the confidence that the stability will kick in as it goes from side to side. Here is what I have learned about the Ride 115: get at least 2 scupper plugs, but I use 6 and plug all but the front two holes; car topping it requires a good strategy but is doable; if you are picking just one seat, the high seat is what I use most of the time and doesn't feel unstable; even with a 500 pound capacity, if you are in the 220 range, you will push water up through the scuppers as you move around the yak (see first point about getting scupper plugs). Here are things I would change if I could: slightly more stable (it's not bad, but I wish for just a tad more for standing); make the center hatch more usable, it's a great place to store something like a hog trough but the angle is wrong and it won't fit; have the ability to go form a high to low seat in one package instead of having two seats. Bottomline - The Ride 115 is a good angler yak and worthy of consideration and has pretty good bang for the buck. It is my first one and a good starting point to get into the sport.
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