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Feelfree Moken 10 Kayak
Feelfree Moken 10 Kayak
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 Product Description and Specs

The Feelfree Moken 10 is a stable, maneuverable and easy to transport thanks to Feelfree's unique Wheel in the Keel. The Wheel in the Keel gets you from your tailgate to the action without wearing you OR your kayak out. The Moken 10 Angler comes standard with molded-in carry handles, a stern crate recess, a King Fisher seat, and an innovative self-draining front storage locker that gives you a safe place to store your gear. Designed to accept your favorite rod holders, GPS and fish finders. The Moken 10 is ready to roll.

• Wheel in the keel for easy transport
• Integrated bow, stern and side carry handles
• Handy flip up console for lures and a soft top cover at the bow storage
• King Fisher seat included
• Two fishing rod holders
Item #: 3031
Length: 10 ft 4 in / 3.15 m
Width: 35 in / 88.9 cm
Weight: 64 lb / 29.03 kg
Capacity: 440 lb / 199.58 kg
Leg Room To Peg: 37.5
Leg Room - Total: 44
Number of Paddlers: 1 - Single/Solo
Type of Kayak: Sit on Top
Hatches Incl: 2
Optional Hatches: 0
Rod Holders Included: 2
Material: Polyethelene
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Top Positive Review
By: BluGillMan  Date: Jul 31, 2011 
Rating Stars
2 people found this review helpful

The Moken 10 is the only kayak on the market that is wide enough to guarantee you that it will not dump you like you were concrete in a wheelbarrow or flip you in a heartbeat like the Moken 13. I should know........I have a Standard M10, Angler M10 & a Moken 13. You can lean off-center, swing you feet over he side, return or twist at the waist to drop your catch in your basket without fear or having to concentrate your efforts on keeping your center of gravity within 15 degrees of center. If you are thinking about the M12 or M13 make sure you stabilize them by buying outriggers from Hobie to solve the problem of stability. The M10 should be rated a "20" for stability while the M12 * 13 should be rated a minus "20". I have used all three kayaks during the summer and my wife, who is a novice agrees with the above review. Taking into consideration that I have studied & reviewed kayaks for over 2 years before I purchased them and have looked at over 135 that are on the market, you will find differences between most of them but consider the fact that stability has to be your #1 priority because in nearly all cases, you probably cannot re-enter your yak if you fall out of it! I will say that will probably not be able to enter your yak from the water once you fall out of it!!!! Should I say that again? Or, you will not be able to flip over your yak while in the water if you flip out of it!!!!! The M10 also "snakes" a bit (tracking)but can "turn on a dime",,,,,,,,it would be great on the river while a bit slower on lakes for flatwater fishing......that's why I have both.....if given the choice for preference........I like the M10 better especially for loading and unloading. At 6'2" and 225lbs..the M10 handles my load well. For river expeditions, I have built cages bow & stern out of PVC to stack gear in excess of 115 lbs. without losing stability. The beam of the M10 is great, it is rigged out perfect for fishing with Scotty anchors at both ends for exact positioning for sun & wind for flatwater fishing (with proof of 15 lbs. of filets in my freezer)........need I say more? Actually, I am seriously thinking about selling my new Moken 13 complete with anchors, rod holders, up- graded seat with a Hummin' Bird wide-eye wide-side(60 & 180 degrees) & Hobie's Side Kicks that I purchased last Oct. for only $1,000 bucks because I find myself loving the M10. It sits you higher so you are dryer and gives you more width for twisting around to get at other gear should it require you to rig another rod up because of a tangle or grabbing the net to land your fish. I have seen pics of guys standing up in them and believe it can be done, but I have not tried that stunt as of yet. You should also note that for some odd reason, the Standard M10 & Angler models feel different in weight........the Angler model is heavier while the Standard is lighter......about 5-7 lbs. I "piggieback" both in my truck and lift the bows of each at the same time to and from the water and can tell the different. This goes without saying that all models of the Mokens are built like a meant to say a brick house......while drilling with hold saws, the hulls are massive in thickness....up to 3/8" + thickness and reinforced with ridges and indents...for your feet as an example that provide stiffness unmatched in other yaks but weigh more 65lbs. & up to 70- 80 lbs. making them heavy. Add a fish finder and battery and you are talking probably not be able to handle the load by yourself. The "hood" on these models weights 6-7 lbs. and when they say "yak weight" does that include the hood? By the time you add ALL the fishing items & gear, you might be adding another 15-20 lbs. more (seat, snaps & buckles, rod holder bases, fish finder brackets, anchor bases, etc. Just something to think about.....launching and hauling will be one of your biggest concerns should weight become a factor. If flatwater fishing or river expeditions is your passion, get the M10 remembering that you will need two 5 lbs. anchors to hold you steady in a 10-15 mph wind. Anything least will see you drifting across a sand bottom lake unable to hold your ground..........I speak from experience....anchors can be made out of old weight sets with I-bolts and spring clips using two cleats on each side of your yak by your thighs to wrap the excess anchor ropes. Rigged out, these yaks will catch you fish unlike my fishing boat and motor did years ago. My wife loves her Standard and was able to paddle off up to a 1/2 mile the first time. She does not really swim, (I just got her a great life jacket) fears the water especially if it is deep (more than 3 feet...........really) and she just got the hang of it and ventured out into water where she could not see the bottom....(I turned off her fishfinder....... I'm pretty smart huh?)I am like the auto mechanic who told a customer "I couldn't fix your brakes, so I made your horn louder"!I think that about covers it. I rated the M10 5-Star Good Luck!

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Top Critical Review
By: Leifjohn  Date: Aug 08, 2012 
Rating Stars
3 people found this review helpful

This kayak looks great and is nice for fishing out of. The downside is that it is extremely slow- going. If there is any wind you will have some serious trouble. I tried an overnight trip with a friend of mine using this kayak. In a matter of minutes he was gone and out of site 1 mile + ahead of me. I struggled to keep up, though I didnt have a chance. He was paddling a Wilderness Systems Ride 135. They are both stable kayaks and good for fishing out of. The feelfree is not built for travel at all. Just for stability and fishing. This thing does not track well in the water and has a lot of drag. There were times I was paddling as hard as I could against a 10 mph wind and was not making any progress. I was paddling in place and extremely frustrated to say the least. On a nice day I could make a few paddle strokes and then the kayak would stop. My friends kayak tracked very nicely and with only a few strokes it would keep on gliding seemingly with little effort. If you are looking for a toy to putz around with at the dock then the moken 10 might be for you. If you want to paddle more than 100 yards on any lake, look elsewhere. I will hang onto it for now and look at using it as a means to fish very small lakes I can drive to on calm days. Perhaps it will make a nice boat for drifting down a river and fishing. But I may look at selling it too. Well see.

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By: Samuel Steffey  Date: Jul 19, 2015 
Rating Stars
0 people found this review helpful

I've had this kayak for over a year now and its been well worth the money. Everything from the handles to the wheel make transporting the kayak very easy for one person. Overall just a very well designed kayak perfect for small rivers and lakes. Haven't found any problems with the kayak other than the seat being a little uncomfortable after a long day. Highly recommend

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By: Marco  Date: Sep 26, 2013 
Rating Stars
1 person found this review helpful

This kayak is great - I bought it specifically for fishing and have been out nearly every weekend since. The price is right and it gets the job done, its easy to transport, really stable to stand and fish in and not too slow for the length/width. I think some of the newer models have some nice features, pockets on the sides, mesh drop down in the center versus just the mini- tackle box, but overall this kayak gets the job done and its been great as my first fishing kayak.

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