When you buy your first paddlecraft, deciding how you'll store it isn't the first thing you think about. It isn't until you start noticing that the colors are fading or that the hull has developed a slight bend where it was resting in your backyard that you start to realize some upgrades to your storage system might not be a bad idea.

Storage Rack: If a kayak, canoe or SUP is stored so that the weight of the boat is not evenly distributed, it will deform or bend over time. Storage racks prevent this by offering support at several points via cradles or straps.

Protective Covers: While kayaks are generally very durable against the elements, some things can go wrong if it's left outside for long periods of time. When storing outside, the best thing you can do is invest in a protective cover.

Storage Accessories: While the rack and cover are the most important parts of a good storage system, accessories like cable locks, protecive sprays, stands and more will help ensure your paddlecraft is stored safely.

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