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Kayak Fishing Gear
It's More Than Rod Holders & Anchors
You’ve got the basics, kick it up a notch with gear that’ll provide a more enjoyable kayak fishing experience.
It's no revelation that Kayak Fishing has become one of the fastest growing segments within the paddling industry during the past decade. This notable trend has resulted in an influx of paddling gear — some made specifically for fishing and other for paddling in general but nevertheless, sparked by the growth of kayak fishing. Most paddlers, angler or not, are already familiar with the kayak fishing basics, rod holders, anchors and paddle leashes but that's just the tip of the iceberg. We wanted to highlight a few items including some that you may have never considered or maybe just wondered why someone would need them. Continue reading.
Wilderness Systems Ride 115
NEW Product Review:
Wilderness Systems Ride 115

I recently had a chance to pull a brand new Wilderness Systems Ride 115 fresh out of its wraps and into the water. My intention was to go fishing for Crappie just before sunrise but with prevailing 35MPH winds and gusts up to 40MPH I had to change my plans. I decided to use this opportunity to truly test drive the Ride 115 and to some extent, take it to its limits. While I am a huge fan of sit on top kayaks I am more of a "hybrid" type of paddler. This all stems from the type of paddling I do and three characteristics I personally prefer, which are stability, comfort and capacity. The Ride 115 checked in all three categories, making this one of my top three favorite kayaks and quite possibly my next purchase. Continue reading.
Video Contest
Win a Native Watercraft or Liquid Logic Kayak!
Got a home, phone or professional video camera? Need a new kayak? Entertain us with a home video telling the world why you deserve to win a kayak by Native Watercraft or Liquid Logic! The process is simple, preregister here, record your video, upload it and once the polling begins, let the viewing audience, including your friends and family, vote for their favorite. The winner gets to choose a kayak by Native Watercraft or Liquid Logic. For exclusions, eligibility, rules, deadlines and other information, click here.
October 2011
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Kayak Fishing Gear
Wilderness Ride 115 Review
Win a Kayak!
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Featured Products
More InfoKayak Fishing: The Snap Shot Fish Measuring Ruler conveniently attaches to your fish grips to safely measure your catch.
More InfoKayak Fishing: When it comes time to get out of your kayak and into the water, stay in gear with Walk-N-Wade Professional Wading Belts.
More Info Camp Cooking: Fry up those keepers when you return back to camp using our recently added Lodge Logic Skillets.
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