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October Newsletter
October Newsletter
October 2007 Issue 14,Vol 1
In This Issue
:: Flight of The Red Dog
:: Clearance Specials
:: ACK Demo Days Thank You
:: Suggest the Next Best Thing
:: Seals Spray Skirts
:: Eliminate Odor - Restore Shine
The ACK Family
Staff Update
Red DogThe Austin Canoe and Kayak website has come a long way in the last 2 years and many of you might remember the original mascot, Red the cuddly Lab.

Now many of our readers have suggested that Red must have gone on a drug and alcohol fueled binge after his huge ACK success, reminiscent of many of Hollywood's biggest stars.  These tabloid myths simply aren't true. 

The truth is Red has retired here in Austin and spends his days puttering around the house and chasing his life partner Blue.  Red still tries to spend as much time as possible kayaking and since his knee surgery, he has found a renewed energy in his adventures.

I spoke to Red recently and he had this to say to his fans "roof roof wuff wuff".  Truly inspirational words from a inspirational figure. 

Above is a recent picture of Red that should squash any rumblings that he had any plastic surgery. 
Clearanced Items

Don't miss our Special deals we have on many close out products.  Visit our specials page to see a list of clearance products.  Additionally, if you are familiar with RSS feeds you can subscribe to our specials to stay up to date.
ACK Demo Weekends
Demo DayThank you to everyone that attended our two demo weekends.  It was great to meet all the folks and help so many people locate the right kayak for them.  Those of you that live out of town should plan to attend one of our events next spring.
New Item Contest
What are we missing?

While we have added over 100 new products in the last  3 months we still Missing hear that our selection is not big enough.  So, we are reaching out to you, our customers, to tell us what we should carry that we do not have.  Send us your suggestion of any accessory item that we should carry and if we decide to carry it we will send you a $15 gift certificate!  You can't beat that deal. All reward no Risk!

Send your suggestions to  Be sure to include the manufacturer and if possible a link to the product.

Some minor conditions, we are adding many new products that haven't been announced or added to the website yet, we will reply to all suggestions with a status so you know if it is already coming.
Seals Spray Skirts
New addition for Wetter Conditions

The weather will get colder soon and many of the best paddling adventures will take place as the weather gets crisp.  Spray skirts are essential to enjoying your cold weather kayaking, as the right skirt will keep that frigid water off your body and extend your trip.  We recently expanded our inventory of spray skirts by adding Seals brand.  Seals has been making quality spray skirts for almost 25 years and has supplied every US Olympic Kayak Team since 1984 with their competition skirts.  We are very happy to expand this line of products and felt it was a great time to talk about spray skirts

Spray Skirts are designed for sit inside kayaks.  They are worn around the waist of a kayaker and connects to the cockpit of the kayak to create a watertight seal. This prevents the cockpit from filling up with water and, at the same time, keeps the paddler dry.

Spray skirts are made from neoprene, nylon or a combination of neoprene and nylon. Your standard sit insides will use a nylon or nylon/neoprene hybrid while a whitewater kayaker will always use a neoprene skirt.  The type of skirt you use will be based on the type of kayaking you are doing and the temperature.
Neoprene: These Spray Skirts are meant to create a tight seal around the rim of the kayak.  This tight seal will keep the cockpit dry and allow for the paddler to be submerged without capsizing the kayak.  They can get warm during days when the temperature is elevated.
(Seals designs each spray skirt to fit specific kayak.  Because of this your spray skirt will fit snugly. When the skirt is new, it may be difficult to stretch onto the cockpit rim. With a new neoprene spray skirt, it is recommend that you place the spray skirt on the cockpit of your kayak for about 48 hours. If it is still too tight, wet the skirt before you put it on the cockpit.)

Nylon: Nylon Spray Skirts are easy to get on and off your kayak.  Higher quality skirts will come with a tensioned deck stay which will raise the deck area so water will run off the sides instead of pooling in your lap.  This will not keep larger waves from capsizing your vessel but will provide protection from gentle lapping waves.  Many of the nylon style skirts will come with zippered pockets for storage.  These skirts are very nice on warmer days, as they are somewhat breathable.  Seals also make half skirts or splash decks that leave the cockpit open and help keep the splash off you.

Nylon/Neoprene: This style of spray skirt will have a nylon torso usually with Velcro or suspenders to hold the tube up and a neoprene base. The neoprene will grip the rim of the kayak nylon brings added mobility to the paddler. This style of spray skirt is not 100% waterproof but will do the tricks on moderately rough water. 

Your Spray Skirt should be easy to remove but no so easy that it will slip off at the slightest tug. If it is extremely hard to get off, it will even be harder to do so upside down in the water. You should feel confident that you can get out of any situation that may arise. 

To keep your Spray Skirt in good condition you should follow these simple guidelines.  Always rinse your skirt thoroughly after every use in salt or chlorinated water. Hang your skirt to dry wrinkle-free and store your spray skirt out of the sunlight.

Seals provides a handy fit guide with every sprayskirt or follow the link on our product pages.  Click here to see our entire assortment of Seals Products.

Eliminate Odor, Restore the Shine

Sink the StinkSink The Stink
Are you sick of stinky gear? Now you can easily eliminate odors from all your paddling gear with Sink the Stink Gear Deodorizer. It's biodegradable, no harsh chemicals, safe to use.  It eliminates odor causing bacteria and can be used on your kayak as well.

303 Protectent303 Protectant
Now that your kayak is odor free clean the surface and bring back that shine it once had with 303 Protectant.  303 is THE LEADER in UV screening technology. 303 Aerospace Protectant really is like "SPF 40 Sunscreen...For Your Stuff." Regular use gives 100% prevention of UV caused slow-fade with regular use

Sincere thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it valuable. If you have any suggestions or requests to make these even better and even more informative, please let us know.
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