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Austin Canoe & Kayak NewsletterSeptember 2010
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Exciting Events
Demo Day Countdown

If you have ever visited one of our ACK retail stores and seen the incredible assortment of kayaks we have on display and wished you could try them all at once, now is your chance!

Normally you would have to pay to rent one kayak, then another and another, until you ultimately settled on the one you like the most, and well, there are only so many rental kayaks offered....

Luckily ACK offers the opportunity to try over 70 different kayaks during our upcoming Demo Days Events. We invite you to bring your friends and family to come paddle, pedal or sail the multitude of kayaks we will have available for testing at our much anticipated Demo Days Events.

Austin Demo
Sept 18th and 19th

San Marcos and Houston
Sept 25th and 26th
Best New Product
From Outdoor Retailer

We always come back from the Outdoor Retailer Show with a couple of products that we think are really cool.  This year was no different. 

Topping the charts was the go girlGoGirl Female Urination Device.  I think this product is ingenious and the female staff and wives of ACK employees are raving about it. 

Another great item we picked up is perfect for the camp and the kayak.  solar showerGetting a nice warm shower while out camping can be a pleasant, day changing experience.  Warm the body up and get cleaned up for dinner.  The Advanced Elements Solar Summer Shower is a great camp item and comes in 3 and 5 gallon versions. 

We have added a ton of new products.  Check here to see them all.
Lucy's Revenge
Keith Plunket: One Man's Paddle Trip to help end Alzheimer's

Keith Plunkett is a paddler with an enthusiasm for public service.  He has started the Alzheimer's Paddling Project and has a mission to raise awareness of the disease and funding for research. In the process Plunkett hopes to promote the history, culture and interesting personalities that abound around Mississippi's beautiful waterways. By donating to this cause, you will help make strides to end Alzheimer's.

ACK is a proud sponsor of Keith and the Lucy's Revenge project. If you are interested in following Keith, his cause, or to donate you can visit
There Is a Hole in my  Kayak
Oh the horror!  What do I do now? 

Kayaks have been getting holes in them since they started getting roto-molded in the early 70's.  In the olden days that meant a nasty, bulky patch.  The kayak would never track or look right again.  Now there are great practices and products that will not only extend the life of your yak but help in the event of an emergency. 
If you have room, a kayak cart tucked away on the boat is nice to have when the haul is long.  This will help you to avoid dragging your kayak.  Dragging for any distance is a NO-NO.  Imagine taking the entire weight of your kayak, say 65 lbs, and concentrating that weight on two square inches of your hand and then dragging your hand over rough concrete or rocks...ouch.

Some common mishaps that can cause damage to your kayak may involve hitting hidden objects, accidentally tearing off deck hardware or simply messing up an install.  A kayak falling from a roof top carrier can be damaging to your kayak.  Carrying Duct Tape or Tear-Aid can help salvage a trip or at least get you back to shore with a quick temporary patch.  

Encounters and mishaps like these may end up causing a leak in your boat, and when they happen on the water and you've passed the limits of your trusty duck tape, you'll need to flag down another boater or break out the cell phone to call your buddy. Carrying a water-proof phone case for these instances is highly recommended.

Once you're safe and sound at home there is no need to worry. If you're local to one of our shops, give us a call and we'll have you bring the kayak in for an assessment of the damages. We have an experienced repair staff that can repair just about anything using a process called heat welding. Heat welding is a delicate process, because it is easy to overheat the plastic and make the damage worse. If you have a minor crack or hole in your boat and feel like you want to try your own skills at heat welding, then you should check out the KC Welder Pro.  Just make sure you practice on some scrap plastic before you take it to the kayak and remember, go slow and do not overheat the plasticDon't hesitate to call us and we'll walk you through the process.

Once you boat is repaired and ready for its next journey, give it a quick 'Spa Treatment' with 303 Aerospace Protectant or Hobie's UV Protectant. Either one of these will restore the shine to your workhorse and keep it looking fresh.

Get to know you kayak and take care of it and it will serve you well for years to come.
Tips From A Pro
Lefty Ray,  Texas Photographer and Fishing Guide

When chasing redfish on the shallow water flats with a kayak, anglers should avoid wearing white hats or shirts. Just like hunters wear camouflage, anglers should wear colors like blues or greenslefty to blend in with the background sky or mangroves. On the other hand, a bright kayak color is desirable from a safety standpoint. You want to be sure that boaters can see you and rescuers, in an emergency, can see you too. Because a kayak sits so low in the water, a bright kayak color will not spook fish whereas it will if you are wearing a bright colored shirt or hat.

For more info on Lefty check out

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