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Austin Canoe & Kayak Newsletter September 2009
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New Products Record
Keep Up With Us
Fall Demo Days
New Products Doggonnit
Web Changes You Just Might Like
SUP Here To Stay
New Products Added To The Website Record

We have been on a tear lately, adding over 160 new products to the website in the past 3 months.

Steve has so many spreadsheets and product guides galore on his desk that at times we can't see him.  At Press Time we have added 98 new products in The Month of August. Check Em Out.
Keep Up With Us

Twitterand Facebookcontinue to be regular stops for the ACK Staff.

Check in on some exciting information and product discounts.
Fall Demo Days Upon Us
Austin: September 26th - 27th
San Marcos & Houston: October 3rd - 4th

Our Fall Demo Days are coming up at the end of September and as always we are making a push to make it the biggest and best event we have ever had.  We will be selling all  kayaks, canoes and stand up paddle boards at a discount with limited models and quantities up to 30% off.  With discounts on accessories and giveaways it's the watersports event of the season.
New Products at ACK
The Website Has Gone To The Dogs

AnyonePooch that has followed ACK knows that our dogs mean a lot to us.  They come to the stores, they ride in our cars and they come paddling with us.  We went to the Outdoor Retailer Show this summer and made it a point to find products that our dogs would enjoy playing with near the water or at the park.  My personal favorites are the Olly Dog Wishbone,  Chuckit Ball Launcherand theJolly Pets Romp and Roll Fetch Toy.  These are just a few of the options that are now available to our Dog Lovers in our newly added ACK Pooch section....and NO there aren't any plans for an ACK Kitty section!
Website Changes

The AustinKayak.comwebsite has been through a series of upgrades over the past month.  Peter is in his laboratory coming up with new features all the time.  Check out the new design of the site, improved search, better utilization for you larger monitor people.

Additionally, we have an entirely new cateogory structure, check out the Online Storeproduct tab.  Those pictures didn't draw themselves folks!
Paddle Boards Now At ACK
Will We Have To Hyphenate Our Name?  

Mike Bayer (Yak Fisherman) is a contributing member of the ACK Fishing Team
Until about a month ago, I thought the the Stand Up Paddle craze was just a craze.  I never felt like I was missing anything sitting in a kayak.  If I needed to stand, I could but not all kayaks make this easy or comfortable.  For me, standing in a kayak helped my fishing by allowing better visibility, but it wasn't practical for covering large distances.   This is where SUP boards and kayaks have an obvious difference.

I love all water activities but don't consider myself a surfer.  Like a lot of Texans, I never tried surfing enough to get good at it. Here's a sport that is just as at home in freshwater as it is in the salt.  SUP sparked my interest for several reasons.   First, it's so simple-board, paddle, go.  Second, I'm a kayaker but I miss standing up on the water.  Third, not only is this sport a full body/core workout, but it's really fun. Finally, when I do decide to hit the surf, watch out.

After my first paddle I was hooked.  I quickly tried to get my hands on a demo board, which in Austin wasn't easy. Until very recently, you could only get them at the coast and no one was renting them. Now ACK is carrying them and has demo boards available to "test drive" .  SUP boards range in size from 10 feet to 12 1/2 feet.  Each board does something a little different and there are plenty of manufactures churning them out now.  Not everyone is able to demo a board on their local lake and then drive to the coast to see how it performs in the surf.  With this in mind, I decided to concentrate on stability and speed.  I set my sights on the Hobie 12' and 11'2 ATR (all terrain ride). These are both big, versatile boards.  The 12' SUP can handle big riders but what really caught my eye was the ability to strap things down, like a tackle box or cooler.  Fishing from a SUP?  Yes, people do it and once again, my fishing experience changes.  I'm waiting on a few important tie-down snaps before I risk dunking my gear but this is going to be fun and challenging, but fun.   Fly fishing enthusiasts won't take long to see the benefits.

What I have discovered is that just like kayaks, there's no perfect SUP board for all purposes.  I imagine the higher pricing will come down, but for now a good board will set you back over  $1,000 and that doesn't include a paddle.  There are affordable options coming. Some of the foam and plastic boards are surprisingly responsive and they
rest in the $400-$800 range.  Get out and try it.  You don't need perfect balance and you don't even
have to stand up right away. You can kneel or even sit.   Remember though, these aren't kayaks.  They are much more fragile and this needs to be kept in mind.  You drop one of these babies and you'll be crying like one.

ACK offers our sincere thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it valuable and informative. If you have any suggestions or requests to make the newsletters better and more informative, please let us know.
Austin Canoe & Kayak
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