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Kayak Fishing...Baja Style!
Kayak Fishing...Baja Style!
ACK Employee Jerron takes us on an adventure he'll never forget.
It all started back in spring as I met up with fellow kayak angler and Necky Kayaks Team member, Jeff Herman. He simply stated that I needed to pack my bags because we were heading to Baja to go fishing with Jim Sammons. I can only imagine how big my eyes appeared as I immediately thought to myself, "How am I going to explain this to the wife?" Without hesitation, I picked up the phone to call her and to my surprise she quickly responded with a "HELL YES!" Now, mind you, this was in early March and the trip was not even slated until June but from that point on, I was in full gear-up mode. Continue reading.
Give Your Kayak a Little Love
Give Your Kayak a Little Love
A 7-Step Maintenance Checklist to Help Extend the Life of Your Kayak.
When I left to home for the first time I kind of figured I would hear from my dad often to make sure I was focused on my studies -- he didn’t. Instead, he periodically called to check on my truck’s tire pressure and to remind me about getting an oil change every 3000 miles. I always thought to myself, “Wow, is he really more concerned about my truck than me?” As I grew older I realized that wasn’t nearly the case. In fact, it was actually all about me, making sure that I never got stranded or even worse, getting myself into some tragic accident -- I regress. Continue reading.
GoPro Product Review
Product Review:
GoPro - Big Video, Small Camera

My first experience with a GoPro was in Colorado during a 5-day ski-trip. I wasn't using one of them while skiing but rather I came across an amazing GoPro commercial while bed ridden for 3 days battling the flu. Apparently, most of it was filmed using a GoPro and I simply couldn't believe that this tiny little camera was generating these videos with amazing clarity and vivid colors! The wide-angle lens really added to the overall effect too. I enjoyed the commercial so much that I went on YouTube only to discover an array of awesome videos filmed using a GoPro camera. Continue reading.
August 2011
Kayak Fishing...Baja Style
7 Tips to Maintain Your Kayak
Product Review: GoPro
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Austin, TX - Sep 17-18
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San Marcos, TX - Sep 24-25
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Featured Products
More InfoKeeping Cool: Stay hydrated, keep your drinks cold and reduce waste with the CamelBak Better Bottle or for cleaner water, the Groove Filtering Water Bottle.
More InfoPaddling: When it's hot, a regular PFD can be a bit uncomfortable. How about a smaller, lighter and less bulky life vest like the Hobie Inflatable PFD?
More Info Apparel: Caps are great but don't forget about the rest of your face, ears and neck with the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap or the SunShower Sombrero Hat.
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