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Austin Canoe & Kayak NewsletterAugust 2010
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Demo Days
Johnson Outdoors Conference
Night Fishing & Commander 120
'Tips From A Pro' Brandon Bargo
Exciting Events
New Boats at Demo Days

The ACK Demo Days are closing in on us and the annual dance between retailer and manufacturer to make sure we have new exciting products on the water has begun! 

Every year it's a race against time to get prototypes delivered and sea worthy.  We have seen a good number of new kayaks in July and we just left the Outdoor Retailer show with ideas of several more. 

Put all this together and move the dates of the demo forward a few weeks.  Spread the second event over 2 cities and you've got to wonder...can we pull this off?  I wouldn't doubt us!  See you on the water. 

Austin Demo
Sept 18th and 19th

San Marcos and Houston
Sept 25th and 26th
JO Conference
Reap The Rewards

Peter, Steve and Chris traveled to the Johnson Outdoors conference this year as the reigning regional Dealer of the year for Ocean Kayak as well as Johnson Outdoors which covers Necky, Ocean Kayak, Old Town, Carlisle, Extrasport, and Huminbird

This year conference was a bit different as it was a national conference rather than last years regional one.  Many would have thought we might have taken a back seat after all of last years success.  But I say Nay...Nay...  ACK went out and did it all again, winning the national dealer of the year awards for Ocean Kayak as well as Johnson Outdoors for the second year in a row.  We are so proud of everyone associated with ACK and look forward to keeping this momentum rolling into the coming season.

If you have enjoyed an experience with any ACK team member, let us know at
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ACK Canoe & Kayak Magazine Retailer of the Year

Everyone at ACK is excited to have received 2010 Retailer of the Year from Canoe & Kayak Magazine.  This is our second year in a row on winning this industry award.


Thank you all of our customers who helped to make this possible.  Without you all, and our fabulous employees, this would never have been possible.
Fishing At Night
With Craig Ray And The WS Commander 120

After one of the coldest winters in recent memory, the Mercury has headed in the opposite direction in a hurry. Hot days are uncomfortable for the angler and definitely affect fish activity during daylight hours.

Shallow water fishing is on fire in the early summer as cooler nighttime temperatures create a second round of spring-like conditions. Fishing at night is not a new concept and many kayak anglers have used the cover of night to probe for trophies for years. night fishing

As the popularity of our sport has grown, night fishing takes on a whole new appeal as you attempt to avoid kayak flotillas at your favorite fishing grounds. There are definitely special considerations that need to be made for night fishing that includes complying with local and federal regulations in addition to sensible practices like using a float plan or notifying someone of your intentions and location.

I fish many small bodies of water in urban areas like golf courses, borrow pits, city parks and other often overlooked honey holes for night fishing near my home. Getting permission is usually pretty easy if you offer to do a little clean up and show up with a signed liability release.

My kayak of choice for this type of fishing is the Commander 120 from Wilderness Systems because of its intuitive layout, stable hull design, multiple seating positions and the ability to stand with ease.

Make sure your being safe at night with these lighting products from ACK. 
Tips From A Pro
Brandon Bargo,  President of Live Adventure and One Blood Initiative.  His Life Is Dedicated To Exploration. 

It is a great idea to get as much advice from locals as possible before embarking on a trip especially when going into a remote environment. I recently returned from Canoeing across Lake Victoria in East Africa and was unable to get information on the lake. The only maps were Russian military, GPS didn't work, and there was little other one bloodmaterials to find. We left with some trepidation but found quickly that the local fishermen were able to tell us the conditions of the lake with great accuracy. Most importantly the fishermen let us know what hazards to avoid such as hippos and crocodiles. Only with their help were we able to navigate across the lake safely, with all our limbs intact and out of the mouths of predators to finally reach our destination.  It makes you realize the great resources we have in the United States with detailed maps, guides and GPS units. 

For more info on Branndon and his adventures check out or

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