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Tandem or Not?
To Tandem or Not...That is the Question
A Pro/Con comparison between Tandem and Single Kayaks
I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard the phrase “I want to buy a tandem so that I can either paddle alone or with my...” only to find that after a few trips, that same person actually finds themselves paddling alone the majority of the time. So what now? Should I have bought a single kayak? Should I keep my tandem and buy single kayak? Should I have simply bought two single kayaks? Can I convert my tandem into a single? The answers: probably, good option, depends and possibly... Continue reading.
Happy Birthday to Me
A coastal kayak fishing adventure by ACK Employee, Kristian Kolflat
KristianI hadn’t planned on getting struck by the whip-like harpoon-resembling barbed tail of a large stingray, but as I shuffled foot-by-foot in the waist deep, mucky-waters of the back bays of Port Aransas’ world-class fishing waters, this seemed more and more likely. “Always shuffle your feet,” an old friend preached to me for years. This trip began in Austin, where my girlfriend Jacqie and I packed my high-mileage, hail-beaten, scratched, yet ‘mint’ condition Nissan Pathfinder. Continue reading.
Now Available: FREE Version of the Popular iPhone APP, Kayak Launch Points!
Once again, ACK's iPhone app, Kayak Launch Points is in the news with the announcement of a free version of the app sponsored by Johnson Outdoors, Aqua-Bound, Seals, Scotty and Stohlquist. The App enables users to explore, rate, add photos, review and share launch points while on the go. Click here for additional information or to download.
And for those of you without an iPhone, we also have available to all users via the web, Kayak Launch Points WEB VERSION. Simply click an area of interest and you'll be able to zoom in to either see or add your own launch points just like you would on the iPhone App version of the map. We invite you to give it a spin!
July 2011
Tandem vs. Single Kayaks
Coastal Kayak Fishing
FREE iPhone App Available
Event calendars are updated for July by location:
- Austin Store
- Houston Store
- San Marcos Store
Featured Products
More InfoPaddling: Having a sore bottom is never part of the fun; enjoy a full day of paddling comfort with a Skwoosh Cushion. Makes a great gift too for any paddler!
More InfoCoolers: It's hot, keep your drinks, food and even fish COLD for days with the Yeti Roadie 25 Cooler! Great for picnics, camping and fishing trips.
More Info Portage: Speaking of hot, last thing you need to be doing is carrying around a 60 lb. kayak. Make it easy on yourself with a Feel Free Camel Kayak Trolley.
More Info Apparel: We now have ACK Branded Baseball Caps with a new modern design available in 6 different colors! Larry, an ACK customer says, "This hat has it all. Right fit, good quality and cool!" we couldn't agree more.
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