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Austin Canoe & Kayak NewsletterJuly 2010
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Demo Days
Houston Pool Event
Adventure Island Tandem
Keep Up With Us
'Tips From A Pro' Scott Johnson
Meet an ACK Employee
Cool Products
Demo Days are Lurking

The ACK Demo Days are back and this is our first reminder that you shouldn't be missing this awesome event.  Especially with the nasty weather in Austin during the spring demos I imagine there are a lot of folks out there looking to this event to find that perfect Yak. 

This year we looked at the calender and made sure the demos were early enough in the season so weather hopefully will not be an issue.  Austin City Limits will not conflict with the dates for the first time in years and we are looking at some good times. 

We will be having a venue change in Houston.  This years fall demo will be held...I'm so excited about this...In downtown Houston at the Sabine Promenade on the Buffalo Bayou.  We are partnering with the city to make ACK Demo Days even more of an event than it already is. 

Mark your Calenders

Austin Demo
Sept 17 and 18

San Marcos and Houston
Sept 24 and 25
Get out on the water

Getting out on the water safely and with the right knowledge is imperative to a successful kayaking adventure.  If you want to kayak but your worried you're not prepared then now is the time to schedule a lesson. 

hox skyline

ACK Houston has also added some outstanding trips on the Buffalo Bayou.  We provide a kayak, PFD, paddle and shuttle.  If you're looking for something to do and you live in Houston or you plan on visiting Houston check these great trips out.
Pool Event
While getting the Houston pool event kicked off was a massive undertaking. Working with the City of Houston and scheduling conflicts created a challenge but we managed to pull off the with little issue. 

The Houston staff as well as representatives from Ocean Kayak welcomed folks to the store for some parking lot paddling and all who came had a good time.

The ACK Staff was thrilled to have a cool pool to jump in on a hot June day.  With the positive feedback from our customer we deem this event a success and plan on doing it again next year. 


Picture of the Month:

Last month was sunset, this month is sunrise!

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Sailing For Two
Get Ready For A Whole New Sailing Experience

When Hobie introduced the Adventure Island the first question on many folks minds was instantly...where is the 2 person model?  After several years in development we can finally say the latest and greatest Trimaran Sail/Yak from Hobie has arrived and it comfortably seats two. 

At 18' 6" the Hobie Tandem Island has brought kayaking to a whole new level.  This new design has created the unique experience of kayaking and sailing in the tandem position.  For all who have experienced the Adventure Island, you are well aware of how fun and exciting this type of kayaking and sailing can be. You can now share this same fun and excitement with your significant other or friends, in the highly anticipated tandem version. 

The Tandem Island comes with new larger amas, providing excellent stability. The retractable center board design makes it easier than ever to adjust it either up or down for stabilizing, tracking, beaching, or transport. The Tandem Island comes standard with an over-sized rudder and upgraded turbo fins. This Sail Yak is a one of a kind experience that until now has not existed in this fashion.

We received such an incredible response on the Tandem Island, that we have had customers pre-ordering since January 1st even before they were sending them out to dealers. The tandem Island is available in either Red Hibiscus or Golden Papaya.  Order yours today, and experience the hype firsthand.

Keep Up With Us
A call to our Friends, our Facebook Friends that is.  We need everyone to pitch in and help us get to 2,000 friends by the end of July which marks the 1 year anniversary of our Facebook Page.  We have given away stickers, merchandise and knowledge over the last year along with our industry leading customer service to entice fans.  So help us out by referring the ACK Facebook page to 5 of your kayaking friends. 

If we get to 2000 fans before the end of July we will give all our Facebook friends a coupon worth 25% off any single accessory item.  The best part is you know your recommending a quality service to your friends. 

ACK is on Twitter and Facebook and the ACK Blog continues to be regular stops for the ACK Staff.
Tips From A Pro
Scott Johnson,  7-Time Texas Water Safari Racer- The Worlds Toughest Boat Race

Often times paddlers get too involved in getting their boats on the water and spend little time considering their nutritional needs while paddling. Whether you're racing, playing in the white water or heading out to your favorite fishing spot, don't rely solely on that sandwich packed away in the cooler. There are a number of highly engineered powder products available these days which will address not only caloric needs but hydration and electrolyte replacement as well. There are many available you just have to shop around and try what works best for you. Any of these types of products, mixed in a water bottle and kept close at hand will help keep you properly fueled so that you can focus on what we all love so much, paddling. Give several a try and see which products best suit your particular needs.  

For a look at ACK's hydration products click here.

Meet an ACK Employee
Amy- Office Manager

amy Well it would be hard to imagine ACK running without Amy.  Amy brings a spirited personality and dedication to work that is unparalleled.  Amy has been with ACK for about 1 1/2 years and serves so many job functions.  She enjoys supporting the stores, answering customer service calls as well as making everyone's lives around the office and warehouse easier.

Life outside of ACK revolves around her family. Amy has two children and is very active in Girl Scouts with her daughter and enjoys taking her husband and son kayaking.  Amy and her son experiment in the kitchen a lot and the office gets to eat the benefits.  Whether at the stove, or on the lake with the scouts, she'll usually have a book close at hand.

If you have enjoyed an experience with Amy or any other ACK team member, let us know at

ACK offers our sincere thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it valuable and informative. If you have any suggestions or requests to make the newsletters better and more informative, please let us know.
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