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Austin Canoe & Kayak NewsletterJune 2010
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Houston Pool Event
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Get In Gear For Summer
'Tips From A Pro' Dan Gavere
Pool Event
Date Change

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Austin ACK Pool Event due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  The Houston Pool event is still on and is scheduled for:

June 26th and 27th

Come out for some great specials on Necky Kayaks, Ocean Kayaks and Old Town Canoe & Kayaks as well as any other gear for your next adventure! We're looking forward to seeing you there.
Cool Products
The Rudder Advantage

You might not think you need a rudder, but we bet you'll appreciate the advantage of having one.

If you've ever paddled into arudder 15-20 mph crosswind, you know how exhausting it can be, having to dig in with everything you've got on one side of the boat, just to maintain a straight track. It's a lesson most of us have learned the hard way. As well, those of you that have drift-fished while hanging onto your rod with one hand and trying to maintain course with the paddle in the other understand the difficultly and the desire for a third set of hands. We can't give you a third set of hands but the addition of a rudder can be a pretty close alternative. Since most rudders are foot controlled they can be adjusted while both your hands are free to paddle or work your baits. Maintaining your course in moving water or adjusting your drift can be accomplished with the touch of a toe. Add a rudder and you will find that you'll cover ground faster and more efficiently and with less effort, leaving you more time to enjoy the scenery or chase down the big lunker.

Some of our best feedback is from our customers.  They tell us over and over that beyond trimming down the weight of their gear with a light-weight paddle, a drift anchor, the addition of a rudder has been the most fatigue relieving change they've made. Rudder upgrades enhanced their kayaking experiences beyond what was ever expected.
Keep Up With Us
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Get In Gear For Summer
Summer is here and ACK has got the Gear!

Exploring and tubing the local rivers is a popular summertime activity so why not get outfitted with some of the best River Tubes to float your way down to your take-out and while your at it explore the underwater world.  Introducing a couple of new product categories for ACK, River Toys and Snorkel and Dive.

The NRS Wild River Tube is wrapped in a rugged 840 denier nylontube and incorporates two separate air chambers.  You don't have to worry about popping your tube on sharp debris including rocks and tree branches.  If you want to have a firmer center on your tube, then the NRS Wild River Tube with Mesh Floor is a great choice. The mesh floor adds some good support in the center of the tube and gives you the ability to carry extra gear with you on your river journey.

water gunLet the Games begin! Next time you are out on the water take along a water arsenal. Whether you're in a canoe, kayak or tube, a good old fashion water fight can sure be fun. Check out the NRS Aqua Blaster Water Gun or the Stream Machine Water Gun. Both of these water guns pack some serious power and accuracy. Your sure be a tough contender at your next pool party or water outing with one of these bad boys on your side.

Once you discover Snorkeling you will realize a brand new world.  Withsnork the right snorkel, mask and fins you can get lost in a environment that's quiet, calm and serene.  One of my favorite past times in taking a day off after a holiday weekend and snorkeling the river on a scavenger hunt for lost sunglasses and other treasures.  While I have found over 70 pairs of sun glasses, I'm still holding out for the chest full of doubloons.

Either way, summer is upon us and ACK wants to be your home for summertime fun.
Tips From A Pro
Dan Gavere,  Werner Paddles

"You think I should spend how much on a paddle???"dan

I will tell anyone I know to spend more on your paddle and less on your boat.  You can get anything to float but the paddle is your engine.  More expensive paddles are made of lighter and stronger materials.  Lighter materials means you are rotating less weight with every paddle stroke.  Stronger paddles means your getting more out of every paddle stroke.  All that put together means you have gone farther and have more energy at the end of the day.

Check out our Paddle Selector and see  what you've been missing out on!
Meet an ACK Employee
Aaron - Warehouse Supervisor

aaron When you place an order with ACK, Aaron is there to make sure it ships right away and that you get exactly what you ordered. Aaron has years of experience in customer service and knows what it takes to make sure our customers are taken care of.

Aaron enjoys the outdoors and on his days off he likes to hike, run, fish, and of course kayak.

Aaron has a true passion for a very unique hobby -- special effects make-up artist. You don't want to run into Aaron on Halloween as he will definitely freak you out with his elaborate getup. Aaron has done film and commissioned art work pieces utilizing this unique skill. One day we all might see his name in the credits of a great futuristic horror film.

Aside from the artistic side of Aaron, he is known amongst family and friends as the BBQ King.  We are looking forward to sampling some of his awesome cooking at one of ACK's future events.

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