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June Newsletter
June Newsletter
June 2008 Issue 6,Vol 2
In This Issue
:: Happy Father's Day
:: Mike's Mishaps
:: Mike Bayer's Yak Fisherman Update
:: New On-Line Paddler Selector
:: Whitewater Packages
:: ACK Coupon Confusion
:: ACK Review - Pamlico 135T
:: Werner Products at ACK
Happy Father's Day!

To all the Dads out there that encourage their sons and daughters to be adventurous and explore the outdoors, we salute you this month.  My Dad was the first person that ever took me camping and I will never forget the times we had romping through the woods and the practice camp outs in the back yard.  I know we are all busy these days, but kids, the best Father's Day gift you might give is a peaceful float one weekend in June. 

Happy Father's Day,
The ACK Staff
Mikes Mishaps

"Mild to Mind blowing mistakes you don't have to make!"

This month's mishap is one that is almost as important as the yak itself but is forgotten more often than the name of the second President of the United States (John Adams; the first Vice President and Second President of the United States term 3/4/1797 to 3/4/1801) that's nutrition and hydration.

Every time you head for the water your first thought should be of what supplies are necessary to keep you going throughout your trip and no this does not mean a case of the Beast and a bag of Doritos!  This means packing plenty of bottled water or other hydration packs along with high protein snacks from fresh fruit to power bars or Gu Energy Gel. Keeping your body properly nourished and hydrated will allow you to keep paddling hours on in as well as decreasing your muscle's rebound time that normally accompanies a long day on the lake or rivers around Texas. What ever you decide to bring with you make sure you remember it every time.

Mike Bayer Update
Lake Bastrop

ACK's sponsored angler, Mike Bayer, moved into second place in the KATs rankings with a strong outing at the Lake Travis event.  With the last tournament looming, all of Mike's talent and experience couldn't get it done on that final day. Mike fished strong but ended up finishing 8th on Town Lake and 4th overall for the series.  I know Mike was disappointed to turn over his 'Angler of the Year' title but there is always next year. 
On-Line Paddle Selector
New Feature
ACK is always trying to make the on-line shopping experience easier and more convenient for our customers that can't visit us in store.  That being said, one of the most common questions we get is what kind of paddle is right for me?

We set out to create a tool that would make the decision making process easier and more educational for you!  Answer a few simple menu questions and the paddle selector will narrow your search to a few choices. 

Try out a couple of different searches and see if there was a paddle you didn't see before. 

Whitewater Packages On-Line
Save Big and Hit the Water Right Away!

You may have noticed over the past year the addition of kayak packages.  Purchasing a kayak package meant you got the essential items needed to head out on the water in one shot and save money in the process.  

Well the Whitewater crowd felt ignored so we now have basic Whitewater Packages with huge savings.  Get the boat, paddle, helmet, PFD and spray skirt and your ready  to go!
ACK Apology
Coupon Confusion

Well, last month we attempted to try a different type of coupon.  We strive to provide the best customer service but we have to admit that this time around, we failed.  We made the coupon confusing and difficult to use.  We have seen the error of our ways and extend our sincerest apologies for any problems or confusion we caused with last month's offer.  You will find that this month's offer goes back to the manta of SIMPLE!

ACK Kayak Review
Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T

When I set out for my test paddle of the Pamlico 135 I wondered how I would take to this sleek looking vessel after so many years paddling SOT's.  I was initially worried about sitting at water level, what kind of stability I would have and where would I put my fishing rods?  This was the first trip in several months I had made with my 8 year old son and obviously I was most concerned about his safety.

Well all of my concerns were put to rest fairly quickly.  My son hopped in and said it was cool,  like sitting in a race car!  I was pretty sure we would not be going as fast as race car but I was happy with how smooth it paddled.  I would definitely add a rudder. 

My storage concerns were a non-issue.  I ran our rods along the floor of the kayak and stuffed a dry bag behind my seat, another in the bow in front of my son.  I still had room to tie down gear on the deck but didn't need it. The Pamlico 135 was a very pleasant experience and I wonder if I could use this at my next adventure race?

New Products from ACK

kallistaWerner Kalliste Carbon Straight Shaft
My first paddling trip with the Kalliste is what I would imagine paddling in an imaginary dream world would be like.  Smooth and fluid paddle strokes combined with low weight made this paddle an instant hit. 

camanoWerner Camano Carbon Straight Shaft
The Camano paddle from Werner is one of the most popular paddles on the market today and I can see why.  Paddling long distances with this bad boy is no problem at all.  The Camano seems very durable and the ferrule is strong. 
ACK offers our sincere thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it valuable and informative. If you have any suggestions or requests to make the newsletters better and more informative, please let us know.
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