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May Newsletter
May Newsletter
May 2008 Issue 5,Vol 2
In This Issue
:: Happy Mothers Day
:: Welcome Mike Ryan
:: Kayaker of The Month
:: Mike Bayer Yak Fisherman Update
:: Malibu X13 Review
:: Featured Products from ACK
Happy Mothers Day!

Dear Mom,

Thanks for being there whenever I needed you.  You helped me learn the value of hard work and a dollar by helping me save up for my first kayak.  You towed me to safety that time I lost my paddle on the river and patiently explained to me again why it is necessary to attach the paddle leash to the paddle.  You accepted the collect phone charges and picked us up the time Billy and I ended up 24 miles long of our pull out point. 

Mostly I want to thank you for incorporating kayaking into our family trips.  I now have my own family and your grandson can't talk yet but he has his own piggy bank I stuff a few bucks into for the day he says lets go kayaking with Gramma. 

To all the moms that inspired the ACK Nation to get paddling, Happy Mothers Day!
The ACK Staff

Welcoming Mike Ryan

Every time I turn around it seems like we have a new employee.  Mike Ryan has joined the ranks as our Marketing and Program Director.  He is busy learning the business and working very hard. Mike is from Plano, Texas and has been living in Austin for 12 years.  He really enjoys kayaking and spending time with his sons Jeffery and Michael.  Mike will be writing a monthly tip for the newsletter. 

Mikes Mishaps

The title says it all, I hope by sharing with you my growing pains and bonehead moves that we can save a few bumps, scrapes and most importantly a few yak's.  For my first bit of advice I am going way back to my first and shortest lived yak.

After working at the local grease pit all winter to save enough for my first yak I
finally bought it in late February. I could not wait for spring to come; a long wet mild spring that we in central Texas dream of.  From the first ray of sun to the last rain of spring we hit every water-way within a hundred miles of home my yak never came out of the back of my '74 Ford Pick Up.

Then Mother Nature dried up as fast as my pocket book. It was time to go back to
work and retired the yak to the garage. After it smacked the hood of dad's car one
too many time I was ordered to find a better location for my "piece of molded plastic".

Like all good sons I jumped to it and after rummaging through the garage I found what I thought was a great solution, a large eye bolt, some rope and a very high ceiling. So there my yak hung, June, July, and then in August the unthinkable. I get a call at the grease pit one very hot Saturday afternoon from my dad which meant I was probably in trouble for something. Sure enough I was, ¾ of my beloved kayak, my "piece of molded plastic" was lying on top of my Mom's prized Cadillac Seville and the other ¼ was still securely fashioned to the eye hook on the ceiling. The only thing connecting the two pieces was what seemed like a mile of spaghetti that lead from the ceiling to the hood of my mom's!

To prevent  a long story from getting longer, always use the proper mounting brackets and remember the temperature of a closed garage under the Texas sun can exceed 150 degrees!

Please stop by monthly and learn from my mistakes. If you would like to share a few of your own or in if you're in need of some advice drop me a line.

Kayakers of the Month
Karl Spakler

Karl from Bushwood, California was nominated as this months KOM.  Karl is an avid outdoorsman and dedicated paddling enthusiast. 

Karl spends most Saturdays cleaning up the riverbanks of his local river.  The trash left behind by irresponsible river-goers attracts rodent vermin.    

He has spent most of his adult life being fascinated with insects.  When Karl discovered the amazing variety of insects that are attracted to rivers he was thrilled.  His favorite bug to observe is the chinch bug. 

Thanks Karl for all your contributions to the paddling community. 
Mike Bayer Update
Lake Bastrop

ACK's sponsored angler, Mike Bayer, is back this month with a new article on his latest tournament.  Mike had a rough outing at Lake Bastrop and was not in the top 5, dropping him to the middle of the pack.  Not a familiar spot for Mike but it hikes up the drama on this fishy story.  Read along and look for Mike's Lake Travis report on April 14th in the news section of the ACK website. 

Location:  Lake Bastrop

Date: 3/8/2008

Lake Bastrop is one of my favorite lakes.  A small power plant lake, intensely managed, with all the habitat a bass and a bass fisherman can love. I've fished two tournaments on this little lake, placing second both times, and snagging Big Bass once. I hope the third time is a charm but I've only fished the lake a couple of times since last year.  With the off-limits period in effect this season, my schedule will only allow one pre-fish day.  Patterns aren't too difficult to establish this time of year but time on the water is more important to me.   I am coming in from a decent showing at Decker Lake so maybe the momentum will keep rolling.  A forty angler cap was put on the amount of participants and the bag limit was changed to three fish.  That worries me. A five fish limit can spread the field.  Scraping a limit (5 fish) on a tough day can put you on top.

ACK Kayak Review
Malibu X13

Malibu Kayaks now has a kayak to fill the void between the Mini-X and the X-Factor with a name that should belong to a Bond villain. 


Length:                  13'10"
Width:                    29"
Weight:                  57lbs
Weight Capacity      450lbs
*Rudder Optional

The X13 kayak is sleek, fast, and tracks true in any almost any condition.  With a deep keel that runs the length of the hull, you will silently creep up on your prey.  The X13 glides through the water quickly and quietly, and the rocker designed in the hull affords you great stability even in rough water.

The cockpit is flat with adjustable foot pegs to accommodate paddler's of all sizes and allow you plenty of space to stand comfortably if you so desire.  storage is always right at your fingertips with the large rectangle hatch in front of the seat and spacious tankwell behind.  

The bow hatch is an all-new design that is hinged up front and fully removable.  With a bulkhead and a drain, it is a great place to keep a fish alive for competitive fishing weigh-ins or bringing home diner.  Or you can plug the drain hole and give yourself more storage options.  There is also an optional deck plate, which will allow you to store your fishing rods inside the hull while coming and going through the surf.

Other options include six molded recesses for mounting additional rod holders and an optional rear hatch to allow extra storage and an easy rudder installation.

The X13 has been a much anticipated arrival and they are available now!

Featured Products from ACK

CompassSuunto ORCA Compass
The Orca compass is perfect for strapping to the deck of your kayak and heading out on the open seas.  I used the Orca compass recently and had no trouble following the Aerial Photocard directions in the Lighthouse Lakes. 

Throw BagWRSI Throw Bag
The WRSI throw bag uses the best materials to create a throw bag that is safe and sound.  What I like about this particular model is it is designed to be thrown overhand like a football.  Most people have better aim and throw farther overhand versus underhand. 
ACK offers our sincere thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it valuable and informative. If you have any suggestions or requests to make the newsletters better and more informative, please let us know.
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