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Austin Canoe & Kayak Newsletter April 2010
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Demo Day Recap
Cool New Boats - Pyrahna Burn
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Sport Travel
Tips From A Pro David Fusilli
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Demo Days
4th Annual Demo Days

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for visiting us at our Demo Day Events. Those of you that battled the harsh weather we experienced in Austin were very brave and we appreciate that.

Luckily the weather rebounded the following week and we were extremely happy with the warm sunny weather we experienced in Houston and San Marcos.

The feedback we have been receiving has been very positive as the selection of boats we provided for test paddling was amazing....over 75 models. We received plenty of positive feedback on how informative and fun the events were. 

From the clinics in Austin, the interaction with ACK team members, support from our vendor representatives, and the hands on feedback from paddling boats, much was learned. Many narrowed down their purchasing decision and ended up taking advantage of some valuable savings. For those of you that missed us at our Spring Demo Days, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or at to keep up with our current events. We hope to see all you very soon!
Cool New Products
Pyrahna Burn

Feedback from Top Pros label the Burn as the benchmark creeking boat. The 2010 Burn has a great rolling ability, actually it rolls lightning fast.

The Burn is very nimble and tracks well at the same time. The hull of the Burn is the perfect blend of forgiveness and performance. This boat Burncarves well and has great secondary stability when the boat is on edge. If you like to front surf or spin, the Burn does this with ease. You will notice the great control you have for boofs and drops without the loss of speed. If you are a Creeking Junky, like myself, then the Burn is a solid choice to "Keep it radical!"

Burn M, 74 gal/279 L, 105-230 lbs.
Burn L, 80.3 gal/304 L, 165-280 lbs.

Take a look at the rest of our selection for River Runner/Creeking Kayaks from Pyranha: The Karnali M,  Karnali L, and the Fushion River Tour.
Pictures of the Month:

This is where we all would rather be or in some cases we are already there!

Sport Travel
Looking Great Traveling In Style

ACK has recently added the category of Sport Travel to our assortment of great products.  You can now be outfitted with the top brand names in recreation by adding a great sport travel bag to your next trip. 

Before your next kayaking adventure you can get outfitted with the hobie backpacknew Hobie backpack. The Hobie Backpack incorporates a media pocket to hold your mp3 player, and has a unique rain cover built into the inside bottom pocket. This is a great design feature that keeps your pack dry when that unexpected shower hits.

rolling hobieThe Hobie Wheeled Duffel and Wheeled Upright Suitcase are two more great luggage carriers we offer.  The smooth rolling in-line wheels make all the difference when you need to get around in a hurry.  The zippered compartments make organizing a breeze. Next time you travel with one of these new Hobie bags, you can tell your friends "I brought my Hobie on an airplane!"

The Thule Crossover Travel Collection offers the best in duff backpacksport vacation travel.  The design of these new Thule Crossover bags is all about quality and function. Choose from a Backpack, Carry On, or Rolling Duffel Bag. 

The 'wheeled' Thule Crossover bags incorporate a durable exoskeleton, compartments to separate clean-from-dirty or wet-from-dry, water-resistant fabrics, multiple quick-access pockets, airflow channels, and a lightweight yet durable design. Most pieces also feature a 'Crush-Proof SafeZone' to protect your eye wear, portable electronics and other fragile gear. 

Needless to say you won't be disappointed with this luggage while running to the airport or cruising around campus.  Our selection has been designed to fit our customers and their active lifestyles. Buying just one bag may not be enough. 
Kayak Tips From A Pro
Pyrhanna Whitewater Team Paddler David Fusilli

"Eddy Hopping"

As you are coming up to an eddy line, your first focus point should be the upper part of the eddy.  For example, if there is a rock that is forming your eddy you want to look right behind that object.  This is important becauseTips from a Pro you want to catch an eddy as high as you can.  This gives you the best chance of actually getting into the eddy and getting a rest instead of falling out of the back of it.  As you are approaching the eddy line you need to aggressively get your body across the eddy line and then lean into your turn.  So keep your eye on the target, once your body crosses the eddy line lean into your turn, and you are good to go ready for your next move.
Meet ACK Employees

Meet DougDoug, our San Marcos Store Manager!  Doug is originally from Southern California and moved to Texas last year to join the ACK team.  Doug enjoys all things outdoors especially recreational kayaking, water skiing, and golf. 

Before Doug was thinking about working for ACK he was playing golf at many great golf courses all over the United States.  Doug hasn't had the opportunity to play much golf since he got to Texas but will get out on the Texas links soon enough.  Right now camping, hiking, and kayaking throughout Texas are the priorities of the day. 

Doug hopes to be able to explore all over the great state of Texas, and looks forward to visiting Big Bend National Park as well as Garner State Park and dreams of one day participating in the Texas Water Safari.  If you haven't met Doug, stop by our San Marcos store location.  Doug will be happy to assist you with any of your kayaking needs and make sure your experience with ACK is positive and memorable.

If you have enjoyed you experience with Doug or any other ACK team member, let us know at
Keep Up With Us
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