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April Newsletter
April Newsletter
April 2008 Issue 4,Vol 2
In This Issue
:: Happy Birthday Jack!
:: Steves Trip to Mexico
:: Demo Day Last Chance
:: Kayaker of The Month
:: Yak Fisherman Feature
:: Featured Products from ACK
Happy Birthday Jack!

ACK's littlest employee turned 1 on April 1st and the reviews are in.  We'll keep him!!!  While he hasn't exactly become the top salesman Peter claimed he would be, Jack is working hard and perfecting the art of drooling on everything, especially the customers!

Jack loves entertaining the folks at the store and at home with his happy go lucky attitude and we are happy to have celebrated his 1st birthday.  Enjoy some pictures. 

Hope you had a good Birthday Jack,
The ACK Staff
Exploring the Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez
Steve Messana

Last month I had the unique opportunity to spend 4 exciting days with several of the folks from Johnson Outdoors, the manufacturer of Ocean Kayak, Necky and Old Town, sea kayaking along the beautiful coast of Baja.  We began our journey in the quaint city of Loretto, which is centrally located on the east coast of the peninsula.  We paddled between 10 and 20 miles each day in almost ideal conditions, minus the strong breeze encountered a couple of days.  Paddling in such pristine areas is fairly new to me, not to mention four straight days, however, the time flew by while paddling with the pods of dolphins and the couple of whale sightings made me stare in awe.

Our guides were contracted through Sea Trek in California and worked in conjunction with local guides from Baja and could not have been more attentive and helpful. We were prepared meals of daily fresh seafood plucked straight from the sea.  Our long paddles of the day were easily forgotten while sleeping on the beach during the cool spring nights.

Our trip ended in the city of La Paz about 65 miles off Los Cabos and while fairly exhausted (never haven paddled this much in four days) it was actually a little sad to come to an end. This was my first time in Baja, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The terrain was varied and beautiful and the locals could not have been more friendly!  I definitely recommend Baja for both a paddling excursion or even a land trip, you won't be disappointed.
Demo Days

It was so great meeting everyone at the Austin & San Marcos demos the last two weekends.  It truly is the best opportunity to meet our great customers and talk kayaks. 

We hope everyone that made it down got to test paddle all the boats they wanted to and talk with the vendor reps or our employees about the different kayaks.   Having close to 50 models out there really helps with the decision making.

Look for our next demo weekends in September.
Kayakers of the Month
Brett Franson and Jerry Fant

Our paddlers of the month come to us from San Antonio, Texas.  I met Jerry and Brett when we first opened the San Marcos location 2 years ago.  I liked these guys instantly because of their great passion for kayaking and exploration and they always had the best stories to tell from their weekend adventures. 

Recently they presented me with an interesting opportunity to assist them in a historic kayaking event.  How could I say no? 

March 8th, ACK co-hosted an LVM Video Premiere to help assist with raising funds for the El Choraderro project in Mexico.  This project involves the latest trend referred to as Canyaking. This is where paddlers use canyoneering skills to help assist with remote runs that may include extreme waterfalls and difficult portages all tucked away in remote canyons that usually offer tons of gradient and run often due to light rains flash flooding or snow melt.  In order to safely negotiate a tight difficult remote canyon it is very important to have the rope skills involved with Big Wall or Sport Climbing and more importantly Caving. 

The project idea was hatched a couple of years ago when Brett met a professional caver by the name of Jerry Fant. Jerry and Brett both like to explore caves but really love kayaking. Jerry started telling Brett about a cave he had traversed years ago down in southern Mexico that had multiple waterfalls in it ranging from 4ft up to 90 ft.  The fascinating thing is that the majority of the waterfalls all empty into standing pools of water. Perfect for kayaking I thought.

This Idea lead the guys to form a 6-man team where every member has vital skills needed for this team to safely negotiate the 43 waterfalls underground. Currently they're negotiating a deal with a production company to film this expedition.  The idea has come along way in the last 18 months and will soon be something of an epic adventure captured on film for everyone to see.

ACK Kayak Angler Report
Austin Kayak Angler of The Year Mike Bayer

ACK sponsored angler Mike Bayer takes us inside his tournaments.  The tournament takes place 5 weekends at 5 different lakes starting in February and ending in May.  This is the second year of the tournament series and Mike is the defending Champion. After 3 event's Mike sits in 5th place waiting to strike like a large mouth bass.  The following excerpt is part of Mikes experiences from the first event. Read along and look in May's newsletter for more of the story.  The conclusion and results will be in June's newsletter as we follow Mikes saga to defending his title.

Location: Walter E. Long (Decker Lake)

Date: February 23, 2008

It's that time of year again, kayak tournament season. If the thirty six angler turnout for the season opener on Lake Decker is any indication, this will be the year freshwater kayak tournaments get noticed. KATS is entering its second year and I'm hoping to defend my 2007 Angler of the Year title. There's no doubt the competition and skill level across the board is increasing. And let's not forget everyone wants to kick my butt this year, but there's no pressure. I'm out here having a blast.

Pre Fish

The biggest rule change for 2008 is the five day off-limit period prior to each tournament. This severely reduces the amount of time I spend pre-fishing before each event. With that said, these are still one day tournaments, and anyone can win it. The best thing any angler can do is gain confidence with a few baits, find an area, or several, that produce a limit and hope this pattern holds up for a week. When all that fails, keep an open mind and change it up.......

Featured Products from ACK

Hydralite ZipaSeattle Sports Hydralite Zipaway Drybag
These drybags are perfect for all your kayaking trips.  The Hydralite folds up so small you can stick them in your gear or on your belt when not using them and quickly unzip to accommodate whatever gear you need to keep dry.

KongLasso Kong Locking Cable
Simple to install and virtually unbreakable. The Kong Lasso could hold down the mighty beast itself. Truly though this kayak cable works with all kayaks and is a lock you can rely on.
ACK offers its sincere thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it valuable and informative. If you have any suggestions or requests to make the newsletters even better and more informative, please let us know.
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