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New Kayak Models for 2014

Every winter, manufacturers begin releasing new products for the new year in time for spring and every year the selection at gets a little bigger.

Just three months into 2014 and we've already added nearly 10 brand new kayak models to the website with several more on the way. See what's new and what's coming!

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Things to Consider When Landing A Big Fish

You've read the rigging articles and you know the hot spots! Now it's time to yell 'Fish On!' and battle that big one into the boat!

All of a sudden, you're stuck boating a 5ft long fish that is making the 3lb bass you caught last week seem like a cake walk. Here's some tips we've compiled to help you out next time you hook a big fish from a kayak.

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Gaiters, What Are They & When To Use Them

Planning on tromping through frosted peaks after the Polar Vortex, heading out for a hike during this spring's colossal snow melt or lacing up for an ultra-long trail run?

The extra layer of protection from gaiters will help keep your outing a challenging adventure rather than a painful sufferfest.

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6 Reasons to Get Your Kayak Lit with SuperNova LED Lights

The super bright LED strips from SuperNova offer the kayaker many advantages. Here are 6 reasons to get your kayak lit with SuperNova. Keep Reading.

You Saw What?! 10 Interesting On The Water Finds

We asked our Facebook fans: What's the strangest thing you have found while out on the water? As you might imagine, there were some interesting responses. Here were 10 of our favorites. Keep Reading.

Find Energy Everywhere with the BioLite Camp Stove

As much as we want to escape electronics when we adventure outside, bringing along a mobile device can be a convenience as well as a safety measure. So how do you keep it charged? Enter the BioLite Camp Stove.

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