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Riot Kayaks Available at ACK!
There's a Riot at ACK!
ACK adds yet another kayak brand to an ever-growing list of products.
Variety is the spice of life and we want you to think of ACK as a fiery ghost pepper when you're looking for your next kayak. With so many new items being added everyday it's easy to miss an addition or two but once in a while, there is that new item or brand, the one you can't help but feel excited about and just can't help but want to tell the world -- introducing Riot Kayaks. Just last week we were thrilled to have received our first shipment and we know you'll be impressed with what they have to offer in terms of options, quality and of course value. Click to continue reading.
Understanding Paddle Feathering
Understanding Paddle Feathering
A quick overview on why and how to feather your paddle.
Most of you probably own a paddle or two and already take advantage of what is commonly referred to as feathering but there is a good possibility that some of you don’t. For those unfamiliar with the term “feathering”, it’s the action of positioning your blades at opposite angles to one another to reduce the wind resistance while paddling. Put simply, while one blade is in the water the other will be angled so that it is slicing through the air resulting in greater paddling efficiency. Click to continue reading.
Rack Boys Logo
Say Hello to Rack Boys!
ACK's sister company emerges delivering an even more extensive line of vehicle rack and sport travel gear.
You may have seen the teaser last month, well now it's official. Rack Boys has been launched both online and within each of our locations. What does this mean for ACK customers? More racks, more accessories and more options when outfitting your vehicle for adventure. Visit for details!
Kayak Angler's Tournament Series
Lake Fayette Results
Once again, kayak anglers from all over the state of Texas competed for another chance to stake their claim as kayak angler of the year. This event took place on Lake Fayette (west of Houston, Texas) on Saturday, February 25th. Steve Garcia secured the 1st place spot in the Pro Division while Phillip Vela took home 1st in the Amateur division. Click to see the full results and event report.
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March 2012
There's a Riot at ACK!
Understanding Feathering
Rack Boys - Now Open!
Fishing Tournament Results
Local Events
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Kayak Angler's Tournament Series - Lake Travis
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Featured Products
More InfoCAMPING: Spring camping means warmer days but cold nights -- cook up a hot meal with one of our many MSR Stove Kits after a long day exploring the great outdoors.
More InfoAPPAREL: Spring forward and enjoy the extra daylight everyday but don't forget to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Do it without sacrificing style with a pair of these uber-cool Hobie Polarized Sunglasses.
More Info PADDLING: Remember last summer when you said you'd wish you had a more comfortable seat? It doesn't take much to make it happen with the SealLine Discovery Kayak Seat Cushion -- PADDLE MORE!
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