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Austin Canoe & Kayak Newsletter March 2010
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Kayak Loading Assists
Tips From A Pro Mike Munoz
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Demo Days
4th Annual ACK Spring Demo Days

March 20 & 21st

March 27 & 28th

San Marcos:
March 27-28th

Austin Demo Day Clinics
Austin Canoe and Kayak is launching a series of educational clinics for the Austin Demo Days.  We will be featuring half hour clinics on the following topics:

   - Where To Paddle in Austin
   - How To Load A Kayak Properly
   - Outfitting Your Kayak For 

   - Camping From Your Kayak
   - Safety And Rescue
   - Camp Cooking

Times for these classes will be posted on the website as well as in the Austin Store.  Make sure you get your plans together early and come out to join us.

Check out for hours, details and directions.
Keep Up With Us
ACK is on Twitter and Facebook  and the ACK Blog continues to be regular stops for the ACK Staff.

Check in on some exciting information, discussions and product discounts.
Cool New Products
Paddle Boy PB Flyer Bike Trailer Kayak Cart

This unique trailer is a great way to get around with your canoe, kayak, surfboard, or sailboard when you have just a short distance to travel. The cart fits on a bike's rear hub and holds your boat securely in place through the turns and straight-aways. You will be the talk of the town once you show up to your local paddling spot sporting this cool trailer. It has 16 inch wheels to stabilize the frame, and is built with lightweight anodized aluminum to give it a sleek look. The PB Flyer works on boats up to 15 ft. long allowing you to carry a variety of kayaks.  Weather you live by the beach, lake, or rivers, the Paddle Boy PB Flyer will help get you and your boat there, along with a nice workout!

Seattle Sports ATE Kayak Cart
This cart has removable wheels for transport and storage. Because the cart is built with large bike wheels, it makes it so your boat rises above the items that can scrape the keel. The ATE cart travels through parking lots and grass quite smoothly.  The pneumatic tires are easy to fill similar to any bicycle tire.  To accommodate your surroundings you can   Inflate the tires for rough terrain, or let air out when you hit the sand. This cart was designed to fit just about any kayak. You won't be dragging your boat on the ground any longer.
Pictures of the Month: This is where we all would rather be or in some cases we are already there!
Have a picture you want to share? Send it to:
Kayak Load Assists
Don't Hurt Yourself, Let The Loader Do The Work For You

One of the best ways to save your back when loading and unloading your kayak is to add a load assist device to your vehicle or roof rack. Many kayakers aren't aware that there are many different options that exist to make your kayaking trips easier.  There are also kayakers out there like me, that lack the upper body strength to get kayak from the water to the car.  They're depriving themselves from kayaking as often as they would like simply because they don't always have someone to help them load and unload their boat.

We would like to highlight some of the load assist products we offer to help you get you out on the water more often.  That's really what we all want isn't it?  The ability to get on the water more?  

The Thule 897XT Hullavator is one of the nicest load assist on the market. The best feature is that you do not have to reach the top of your vehicle to secure your boat to the carrier. You pull theHullavator rack down to you, secure it in place, load the kayak and then let the spring loaded mechanism do the heavy lifting and return the rack and the kayak to the roof of the car when released.  You never need to lift the kayak above chest level.  All of the loading is done on the side of vehicle. The Hullavator will lift up to 75lbs or 90% of the kayaks total weight. Also, make sure you get your lock cores keyed alike.  The Thule 897XT Hullavator will make loading and unloading so much easier.    

The Malone Telos Load Assist is a waist high system that fits into the Malone Autoloader.  The Telos is designed to be able to move one side of the boat up at a time when you are loading it by yourself.   The closest thing I can compare it to is how a roller coaster goes up a hill at the start, the loader  clicks and locks into place as it is raised.  When loading the kayak alone you lift one side Telos_imgand then the other.  A drawback to this system is that you will have to be able to push the kayak the final 4" into the Autoloader, so for the vertically challenged, you may want to keep a small step stool in the trunk.  The best part about the Telos is that (drum roll) it can work on both sides of the car.  The Telos is not a fixed system and can be moved from one Autoloader to the next.  The design incorporates non-marking suction cups anchored to the frames to keep your vehicle protected and you're out of pocket expenses low. 

These are not the only options available, please check out the items below to explore the many other load assists products ACK offers to "Take A Load Off".

Yakima Boatloader, Malone Stinger Loader , RollerLoader, Yakima Hully Rollers
Kayak Tips From A Pro
Rod Builder and Guide Mike Munoz

Even If you don't plan on fly casting from a sitting or standing Mikeposition in your kayak, you fly guys & gals can benefit from reducing the number of fly-line snags on your boat. Prioritize and start thinking "Less is more". Consider these options: reposition kayak accessories, remove bait or spinning rod holders, or obtain an improvised stripping basket. Think about what side of the boat you strip your line to and remove any snags, and don't worry about leaving any rivet holes in your kayak; the folks at ACK can easily patch those up nicely. Tie em' & fly em'

Keep an eye for more tips from Mike or visit his website.
Meet ACK Employees
Justin - A Real Texan

If you have never been to Texas and want to meet a real life Texan, then Justin is your guy. Born and raised in South Texas, Justin is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for duck hunting from his kayak and just about anywhere else they will let him.  Justin is also a very savvy kayak fisherman who enjoys fishing for bass and Catfish in the rivers, and  Redfish  and Spec's in the flats.  If you ever need some good kayak rigging tips, then Justin is a great resource to tap.
Growing up in the outdoors, Justin was a Boy Scout that obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. Justin is active in teaching Boy Scout Troops kayak related training through the stores, with an emphasis on water safety.  As an Eagle Scout Justin has helped numerous Boy Scouts achieve their merit badges in working toward their goal of ultimately becoming an Eagle Scout themselves.

Justin came to ACK a little over two years ago and has been instrumental in helping ACK grow.  Justin became the assistant manager in San Marcos and after a few months he took over managing the location.  He was promoted to run our flagship store in Austin and remodeled the store to make a better shopping experience.

If you have attended any of our many ACK events, then you probably have met Justin, as he is usually the one running the events.  Justin makes a point to go the extra mile when taking care of customers, and ensures your experience with ACK will be very positive and memorable.

All of us at ACK would like to congratulate Justin, and wish him and his fiance the best on their impending nuptials.  They will be tying the knot this summer. Interestingly enough Justin and Kaitlan met at the San Marcos store, now that's customer service!!!

If you have enjoyed you experience with Justin or any other ACK team member, let us know at

ACK offers our sincere thanks for taking the time to read our monthly newsletter. We hope you find it valuable and informative. If you have any suggestions or requests to make the newsletters better and more informative, please let us know.
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