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  Austin Canoe & Kayak - March Newsletter March 2007 Issue 10, Vol 1
In This Issue
Demo Weekend
It is that time of year again, Mark your calendars!
If you live in Texas you won't want to miss our two Demo Weekends.
March 17th - 18th
San Antonio/New Braunfels
March 31st
These are really special days for us because we get the opportunity to meet so many of you. We can't wait to help you test out some boats.
See our website and click on the main Demo Day graphic off the home page for more information.
From The Editor
The month of March is a very exciting time for paddlers everywhere. Those who haven't already brushed the dust of their yaks are now thinking about it. Many paddlers are contemplating their next boat purchase. So many options to choose from! Well we are going to be here for you all year long, please feel free to call or email us with any questions you have. We're here to help and will do everything we can to answer all of your questions. We hope to see or hear from you soon!
There are some exciting new developments at! We have added two new sections to the site:
  - Kayak Forums  
  - Articles/Research  
You can use the Forums to discuss your local rivers, lakes, share ideas about kayak rigging and fishing, share pictures of your last trip or just to ask general questions you feel should be answered in a group forum. The newly added Articles/Research section has plenty of information about choosing the right products as well as installation tips for many of the products we offer.
Congratulations to Eugene for winning February's trivia contest.  The first Texas Water Safari took place in 1963.
Don't forget to look below for this month's question and keep the answers coming!
Rigging Your Kayak
When it comes to rigging your kayak, you have a hundred different options and a limitless amount of opinions. The most important thing to remember when you start drilling into your boat is what will work best for you? Make sure that you use the kayak at least a few times before you start putting holes in it. Think about what you have seen on other people yaks. What did you like, what didn't you like? Can you take someone's idea and adapt it to work for you? Here are some things to think about:
  • Seats – First and foremost finding a comfortable seat that provides solid back support is essential. Seat comfort is 75% support, 25% padding. Most of your trips will last longer than 3 hours and if you are feeling like you have been sitting on a stadium bleacher at the end of the day, you need a better seat. Try out as many seats as possible. Chances are, if you are using the seat that came with the boat, it's time for an upgrade.
  • Rod Holders – Scotty, Ram, and COD is just a smattering of the companies that make Rod holders.  The type of fishing you do will eliminate some options - for example, you don't want flush rod holders if you generally fly fish since the holder will not accommodate it.  Make sure you get the right configuration for the gear that you are using.  Also consider how many rods you will be taking and whether or not you will be trolling for fish.  Before you install any rod holder make sure that they are not going to interfere with your paddle stroke.
  • Anchors – Staying in your desired location can be difficult when the wind is howling or you are dealing with a strong current. Getting yourself into a good casting position is important. The type of anchor and line will help. Do you need a folding anchor or a claw? Folding anchors tend to work better when there is good structure on the bottom whereas claw anchors hold better in sandy or silty bottoms. Do you need a drift chute? These are great in larger bodies of water when you want to slow down your drift. Some people like to install anchor trolleys so they can position the anchor or drift chute anywhere along one side of the kayak. Alternatively, carefully placed anchor cleats can also get the job done.
  • Ice Chests – Finding the right ice chest for your excursion can make or break the best of days. You need something that is going to fit nicely in the tank well and leave you some space for other gear. Consider a collapsible ice chest; these tend to work well in many different kayaks with varying size tank wells.
  • Fish Finders/GPS/Compasses – knowing where you are, and maybe more importantly, where the fish are is key.  Consult a local sporting goods store to find the appropriate unit and battery.  Consult an expert when determining the most convenient location to mount both the transducer and display unit as well as the best way to handle the install.
This is a great place to start. Remember this is your little island and you control the look and feel of it. If you have any questions about what to get, what works where, etc... please email or call us and we are happy to talk you through it.
Lessons and Trips - Updated and Posted

The Lessons and Trips pages have been updated with dates for this year's lesson schedule and paddle trips. We will be offering a few different lessons and half and full day paddles down the San Marcos River as well as continuing the Town Lake Bat paddles. Click here for the main Lessons and Trips page.

If you see something missing or have a large group, please contact us and we will work to help you out.

Product Review: Hobie Mirage Revolution
The Hobie Revolution is here and definitely ready to take it's place among a fine fleet of kayaks. I can't say enough nice things about this kayak. It paddles well; it pedals amazing and sailing...fugetaboutit! The Revolution is similar to the Hobie Mirage Adventure in speed and overall cockpit comfort. Sitting at 13' feet long it tends to be easier to transport than the Mirage Adventure and is faster than the Mirage Outback and Mirage Sport. Additionally, it paddles (with a conventional paddle) better than the Mirage Outback and Mirage Sport due to it's sleeker/narrower hull. Plus it comes with all the goodies Hobie Kayaks are known for. Two large 8" twist and seal hatches, easy-entry front hatch, mesh side pockets, comfortable seat and a huge tank well. This boat may truly cause a revolution! I suggest you try one.
While the Mirage Revolution sits as the newest entrant to the Mirage line-up, the other mentioned boats are all still amazing. For instance, want something a little longer? The Adventure is 16 feet of pure about something more stable? The Outback is a dance floor...need something short and light? The Mirage Sport is your ticket!
Trivia Question
Who holds the record for the longest waterfall kayak chute decent? And how high was it?
Send your answer to:
We will draw one lucky (correct) customer to receive a $25 gift certificate.
Thanks again and we hope your 2007 has started off great!
Austin Canoe & Kayak
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