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Be Ready for Spring!
7 Tips to Help You Prepare Your Kayak for the Spring Paddling Season
For some, the idea of the "spring season" may seem a bit silly, because with the ponds and streams still frozen watersports may be the last thing on their mind. On the flipside, others are in the midst of an unseasonably warm winter. Then of course there are those paddlers who don't believe seasons exist, and paddle all year long! Regardless of your position, now is a good time to take a look at your kayak or canoe to make sure that it is in tip-top shape for what we can refer to as the busy paddling season... Click to continue reading.
ACK Resources
ACK Resources - More Than Meets the Eye
An in-depth look into all the available how-tos, install guides, fit guides and other tools at ACK.
We all know that kayaking itself is an easy outdoor sport to learn and become comfortable with. What can be confusing and even daunting to some people is how to use and install the thousands of accessories and other gear associated with paddling. At ACK we aren't just focused on making a sale and walking away. Our long-term goal is to grow a relationship with our customers providing them with the resources they need... Click to continue reading.
Getting to Know Us:
Kristian Kolflat,
Asst. Manager (Austin)

My first kayak was a birthday gift given to me in response to a steep increase in my saltwater fishing interests. Since then, I have made it a priority to get down to the flats on the Texas Coast as often as I can... Click to continue reading.
February 2012
Be Ready for Spring!
Resources - We've Got 'Em
Employee Spotlight
Local Events
The 2012 Winter Boat Show Season is almost over. Be sure to visit us at the Dallas Boat Show!
Demo Days are almost here! Mark your calendars:
April 14-15 in Austin
April 21-22 in San Marcos
April 21-22 in Houston
KATS 2012!
Featured Products
More InfoPADDLING: Not using your kayak right now? Where is it? On the floor or warping on a pair of sawhorses? Store it with care using Talic's Tilt Storage Rack system..
More InfoAPPAREL: We're talking about spring but fact is, it's still cold for many, so when paddling barefoot is not an option, the Deep See Safe Sole Boots are a perfect fit.
More Info SNOW TREKKING: Trekking a winter wonderland while waiting for spring to arrive? We've been hard at work expanding our outdoor snow sport product selection and trekking poles are no exception. Check out our complete line of Leki brand trekking poles.
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