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February 2011
Preparing for the 2011
Spring Paddling Season
Product Review
Employee Spotlight
News & Events
Demo Days Are Almost Here! The absolute best way to get a chance to try most of the models we carry. More information coming soon - mark your calendars!

Austin, TX - April 9-10
Houston, TX - April 16-17
San Marcos, TX - April 16-17
In-Store Events - Want to learn the basics of kayaking or how to load one? Visit the Austin, San Marcos and Houston store pages for a schedule of events!
Featured Products
More InfoPaddling: Sitting for long periods of time can be hard on ones back and bottom. Enjoy your next trip with a Comfy Deluxe Big Back Kayak Seat.
More InfoElectronics and Navigation: Be a know-it-all with the Tech 4o Data Center II complete with altimeter, barometer, forecast, temperature, compass, basic watch operations and more!
More Info Kayak Fishing: With a laundry list of features and storage capabilities, the Surf to Summit Fishing Tackle Bag is all you need to get your lines wet.
New at ACK
Paddling and SUP Lessons - Whether you are a beginner or well-seasoned paddler, it's always a good idea to get paddling lessons. Click here to view our lessons and to reserve your spot.
ACK Store Specific Pages - Stay up to date on all events, specials and other timely information that is specific the Austin, San Marcos and Houston stores.
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The 2011 Spring Paddling Season is Almost Here!
Is It Too Early to Start Preparing for the
2011 Spring Paddling Season?

We think not!

Living in Texas, it's not difficult to convince someone that spring is just around the corner, but for those of you north of the Red River, yeah, not so much. Maybe if we try hard enough, we can at least convince you that it really is time to start preparing yourself and your boat for the spring paddling season. Need some motivation? Play a slideshow of your favorite paddling photographs or cut some pics out of magazines and strategically place them around the area where you plan to prep your gear. These are pleasant reminders as to why you are doing this instead of sitting on the couch...continue reading.

Click for detailsProduct Review: Immersion
Research Thickskin Union Suit

If It's Not Frozen, Paddle It!

Immersion LogoCan't wait until spring to begin paddling again? We know what you mean. For those of us that don't have to deal with frozen water and extreme cold temperatures, you can still enjoy paddling with a little preparedness. Think Thickskin! Immersion Research designs and manufacturers paddling gear with a focus on apparel, skirts, jackets, dry suits, layering and more. This month, we are featuring their Thickskin Union Suit...continue reading.

Employee Spotlight:

Jerron Wosel - Assistant Store Manager (Houston)

JerronIn our last two issues, we featured employees that worked in our warehouse so we thought we should turn to our Houston Store to introduce (or reintroduce for some) Jerron Wosel, the ACK Houston Store Assistant Manager and kayak angler. If you've been to the store, there is no doubt you have run into him. As in previous employee spotlights, we asked Jerron to tell us a little bit about himself.

Hello, my name is Jerron Wosel and I am the Assistant Store Manager for the Houston ACK location. I started working for ACK back in February of 2010 and have loved every minute of being part of this great company. It always makes work easier when you are doing something that you have a passion for...continue reading.

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