Yeti Ice


If anything about Yeti strikes you as uniquely their own, you understand how they pride themselves on their products extreme durability, toughness, and mastery of keeping things colder than a polar bear’s toe nails. Yeti Ice is nothing short of your expectations. Not only does the Ice keep things chilled for a longer period of time but it temps food, beverages, etc. colder in a quicker time span. The shape aids in durability and portability, and the Ice comes in both 2lb and 4lb sizes making it perfect for lunch boxes, drift boxes, coolers, tailgating, or any carrier transporting refrigerated perishables.

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Yeti Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Coolers

With October fast approaching, the color pink  has been blossoming all around us as we near Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  After first appearing in the fall of 1992, the pink ribbon yeti special editionhas become synonymous with breast cancer research and the importance of regular check ups for men and women alike. As the cause has seen its following grow exponentially (and thankfully) in the past few years, that pink color has found its way into our lives every October, from sports uniforms, to clothing and now, even Yeti Coolers.

This month Yeti began distributing their industry leading Roadie 20 and Tundra 45 coolers in that unmistakable shade of pink. Here at ACK we happily jumped at the chance to help show our support for breast cancer research and as such have pledged to donate 5% of the purchase price from each Pink Limited Edition cooler we sell to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Continue reading Yeti Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Coolers

5 Tailgating Essentials

It's time to tailgate!
It’s time to tailgate!

No matter what team you root for, one thing every football fan can agree on is tailgating. Filling up the parking lot outside the stadium with good food, drinks and close friends to celebrate a mutual obsession for your favorite team has become a pregame ritual that is just as much a part of football Sundays as the games themselves. So grab your face-paint and your friends and head on down to the stadium lot, and don’t forget these 5 tailgate essentials…

 1. A quality cooler. Whether you’re hauling around meat to grill or just a six pack of your favorite beverage, a cooler is probably the most essential piece of tailgating gear. Keep it simple with a NRS Dura-Soft 6-Pack cooler slung over your shoulder or bring enough for the whole crew with a Yeti Tundra. A good quality cooler is an investment that’ll last the whole season, plus will be something you can use on your next paddle too.

2. Something comfortable to sit on. Almost as important as the cooler is your tailgating chair. You have to be comfortable lounging around in the parking lot before a game! I suggest bringing along a nice folding chair like the Kelty Mesh Folding Chair or one of our portable camp chair options which can get you through your tailgate and also add some comfort to your stadium seat.

3. Defense against the sun. If you end up sun-burned before you even sit down in your stadium seat then you didn’t set yourself up for an enjoyable football experience. A little game-day shade is an important part of any tailgate and we’ve got you covered with several different options to choose from. Not only will most sun shades and shelters protect you from the sun, but they’ll also keep you dry on rainy days so you can keep tailgating no matter what the weather is like.

4. Tunes! There’s nothing that makes a good tailgate quite like playing the right music. Download your team’s fight song or just fill your MP3 Player with your favorite jams to get pumped up before the game, then hook it up to some rugged outdoor speakers to keep it safe from spills, tumbles or from being drowned out by all the other tailgaters. Our line-up of EcoXGear should do the trick!

5. A grill for your meat. You can’t forget the grill, that’s just part of the tailgate. I prefer to keep things simple by bringing along my Primus Grill/Stove combo. I bought it for car camping, but it works great cooking up a package of hot dogs and I don’t have to worry about loading up a full sized grill. However you prefer to do it, don’t forget to bring the grill!

Make sure to bring these five tailgating essentials along with you on your next tailgate! For more ideas on what to bring, visit our tailgating page.

The Story of YETI Coolers

Every once in a while a brand emerges from a sea of products, one which develops what you might consider a cult following — YETI is one of them. Sure, they’re just coolers but the moment you set your eyes on them you can tell something is different and even more so once you begin using one. They look strong and feel strong, and most importantly they are strong and yes, they do one hell of a job keeping your food and drinks cold — for a long time.

Certified bear-proof by the Interagency Grizzly Gear Committee

Wildly stronger!
So what’s the big deal and just what makes a YETI cooler so strong? It all starts with the manufacturing process of the shell itself. Just like your kayak, YETI coolers are roto-molded rendering a product that has no seams, is impact resistance, offers long-term durability and is ready to take a beating. However, it doesn’t stop there. Latches, hinges and handles are usually the first things to fail on most coolers but the folks at YETI didn’t spare the details. The T-Rex™ lid latches are the same latches used to secure hatches on ATVs and the YETI NeverFail™ hinge system consists of a full-length, rust-proof aluminum rod integrated into hinge stops which are molded into the lid. The handles themselves are virtually indestructible and the plug itself has a story of it’s own.

You probably get the point now but we invite you to watch this entertaining video of a bear having fun with a YETI Tundra.

Keep ice longer!

Up to 3″ of insulation.

While durability has helped YETI earn its claim to fame, it’s the ability to do what coolers are meant to do that has pushed these products into the limelight — keeping your food and drinks cold. They say it themselves, “it’s not rocket science”. More insulation means better insulation. While many coolers have less than 1/2” of insulation, YETI uses up to two inches of insulation in the side walls and  gives you a whopping 3” of it on the lid, which works together with an integrated freezer-quality rubber gasket to keep the cold in and the heat out.

Whether paddling, camping, hunting, fishing, long road trips or any other activity involving a need to keep your food from perishing and your drinks ice cold, YETI coolers should be a staple in your arsenal of gear. They’ve not only built a reputable product but have certainly claimed their stake as a leader within the outdoor adventure industry which is not an easy feat for anyone.

We invite you to browse our complete line of YETI coolers and accessories. Don’t need one yourself? They also make great Christmas gifts too. I’ve got the Roadie 20 on my list!

Do you own a YETI? What’s your experience been like?

Roland @ACK

Coolers – Ice Chest

NRS DuraSoft Cooler

I don’t know why but as soon as my kayak hits the water and I climb in, I’m parched.  A cooler ice chest is a necessity for kayaking – especially longer kayaking trips.  They hold the sodas, the fish, and sometimes, when appropriate the adult beverage.  I’m the type of guy who gulps down 4-5 glasses of water at a restaurant before our meal even gets to the table.  One bottle of water does not suffice for an hour or two of paddling.

Soft-shelled outdoor ice chest coolers such as the Dura Soft Cooler and the NRS 30 Can Cooler fit great in the tank well on kayaks.  These coolers can hold a large number of drinks and ice.  I personally, wouldn’t mix my drinks and fish in the same cooler – I’d use a Catch Cooler bag for the fish.

Hard shelled covered ice chest coolers sometimes don’t fit right, or they are too bulky to fit on a kayak.  I don’t know how many times I get asked if the tank wells are molded to fit a specific model cooler – they aren’t.  Some coolers will fit, some won’t. One in particular that may work well is the Yeti  Roadie 15 qt. or Yeti Roadie 25 qt. If one of these will work, your food and drinks will stay cold for a week.

So when you go out with family and friends, don’t forget the ice chest cooler to hold your food and beverages.

Assistant Manager
ACK – San Marcos