Water Safari Get First Stand Up Paddleboarder

According to this article by the Victoria Advocate, the Texas Water Safari, dubbed “World’s Toughest Canoe Race”, had its first ever Stand Up Paddlboard entry — Shane Perrin. Although labeled a canoe race, they do allow any human muscle powered propulsion boat. We are not surprised to see a SUP in the race but what is interesting to us is that Shane had sent us several messages asking about a paddle that Werner was sending him through our shipping facility. To be honest, we were not aware of what Shane was up to, we just knew that he was very concerned about his paddle arriving on time and lucky it did, the race was the very next day! Shane had sent us several Twitter messages asking about it and now it all makes sense. Shane apparently came in form St. Louis to participate in the race, read the full story here. Roland @ACK

Dreaming of a Texas Water Safari

Every year, about this time, I start thinking and dreaming about attempting the Texas Water Safari.  It’s a ridiculously challenging 260-mile kayak/canoe race to the Gulf of Mexico from the central Texas area on the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers. I’m fascinated by the race and the people that compete in it. I like to think that someday I could be stepping up to the start line down on the San Marcos river and giving it a go. Right now I need to get myself in some other shape than round to even think about it though. I feel like I would have to have a partner as well, I’m crazy enough to try it but probably not crazy enough to deal with the voices in my head. Chris @ACK