Summer Outdoor Essentials


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Summer is here and it is about time we all got outside and enjoyed what nature has to offer! We asked all of you via our Facebook page what you considered to be your summer outdoor essentials and got some helpful responses. Check out some our favorites below and get ready to live it up!

  • Kayaks: Obviously we had to include these!
  • Surfboards: For those of you going coastal. We personally recommend a SUP!summer essentials
  • BBQ: What would summer party be without BBQ?
  • Great friends: Do we even need to explain?
  • Fishing Gear: Perhaps an early morning fishing session followed by a BBQ with great friends?
  • Summer Parties: Goes hand in hand with great friends, bbq, and good times!
  • A Nice Cold Beverage: Beer, sweet tea, lemonade or whatever else is your drink of choice! Gotta stay hydrated right?
  • Dive Gear: For those adventuring under the sea this summer.

Last but not least we had sunscreen, a bikini or boardshorts, hats, and a camera to capture all those sweet summer moments! If you plan on getting out on the water don’t forget your PFD’s and dry bags to make sure you and your things are safe.

Think we missed something? Comment below and let us know!

-Dayvee @ ACK

Summer, It’s Not Over Yet!

Based on the sheer volume of pictures I am seeing with kids and their new and loaded backpacks on Facebook, it seems that school is back in session. Some may see it as the end of summer but the heat is still on for most of the country and before we begin to plan out our cooler weather outdoor adventures, we should all take advantage of what’s left and enjoy the warmer temperatures to the fullest extent. That said, take a look at the long-range forecast from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center. If this prediction holds true, it looks like we are in for some fair weather paddling this fall!

Roland @ACK

Kelty Helps Beat the Heat

Summer marks a time when your water bottle never seems to be quite as full as you’d like and you start to notice that every time you go out to paddle or camp you end up swimming or (gasp) not doing anything at all. While this summer in particular has already brought record breaking temperatures throughout many parts of the nation there is hope for those that want to continue playing outdoors.

Save Your Summer Outdoor Plans

Summer fun is synonymous with being outside, whether that means spending time on the beach, attending an outdoor festival or even just grilling out in your own backyard. Heat, even record breaking, shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it — it’s simply a matter of taking the right precautions. You already know the basics of keeping cool – drink plenty of water, wear a sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses and the list goes on. Resting under shade is also key, but sometimes finding it in certain locations can be a problem. So what do you do?

Shade Your Outing with Kelty

Luckily for you, our friends at Kelty have created a series of products that let you take the shade with you. Ranging from the Noah’s Tarp to the Hula Shadehouses, these shelters and tarps are designed to create refuges from the sun in any size and shape you might need.

Noah’s Tarp – Kelty’s Noah’s Tarps offer instant shade in a hurry. They are lightweight, easy to pack and come in three different sizes: 9, 12, and 16. These are popular with minimalist campers looking for a quick solution for a hot day and for paddlers wanting a midday break during a long paddle.

Sunshade – Kelty’s Sunshades are floorless, freestanding shelters that are perfect for shading areas like a picnic table or your favorite spot on the beach. These are easy to set up, have adjustable heights and widths and come in either medium or large.

Shadehouse – Kelty’s Shadehouses are tall enough to walk under and create a shaded outdoor space you won’t want to leave – and its big enough you won’t have to! It comes in medium, large and is offered in a Hula model, which provides additional rear protection from the elements and features a ‘Hula’ roof angled with rainfall in mind.

Remember, we carry a variety of shades on our website, along with a number of other Kelty products. So next time your friends our family say it’s too hot to go outside, tell them not to worry – you’ve got a way to bring the shade with you! Thanks for reading and if you’ve experienced the Kelty shelters before share your experience below by commenting. - Joseph@ACK

@austinkayak Summer fun is synonymous with being #outside, even record breaking heat shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it!

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Yep, It’s Hot.

This heat is slowing me down, no time to write a lengthy intro today. Instead, I’ll simply get right to it. It’s HOT! Yeah, really, really hot. You’ve heard it all before, drink plenty of fluids, limit outdoor physical activity and stay in the shade. So no need to preach the same story again. If you are like me, you’ll tend to ignore the heat and continue doing the things you enjoy like paddling. However, I do take all necessary precautions to make sure that I avoid dehydration or even worse, heat stroke.

For instance, keeping hydrated is priority number one. When paddling longer distances, I tend to utilize a CamelBak Hydration Backpack such as the Octane XCT. This one in particular is perfect for paddling since it is made for “minimalist trail running or riding” meaning that it has a sleeker design that doesn’t get in the way. It’s great for paddling because I don’t have to stop and open a bottle whenever I need a drink. It’s just there and produces no trash. As an extra precautionary measure, I also pack a Platy Water Tank. It holds 4 liters of water and I can easily hide it away inside the cockpit.

I have to admit, I am more of a cap guy so you’ll rarely see me wearing big-rimmed hats. However, caps alone don’t provide the protection you need in extreme conditions. That’s why I use the Outdoor Research Sun Runner Cap — it’s  a cap but also offers full protection over my ears and down to my neck. When I am finished paddling, I simply remove the shield and keep the cap on, it’s perfect!

I have dark skin and rarely get sun burned but it doesn’t free me from using sunscreen. Regardless of how dark or light your skin is, sunscreen is key when it comes to protecting your skin for harmful sun rays. If I plan on staying out in the sun longer that a few hours, I shed the t-shirt and shorts for apparel made specifically to keep me cool and protect me from the sun. Columbia has it all figured out with the PFG Blood and Guts Superlight Long Sleeve Shirt. Not only does it offer UPF 50 sun protection but with a vented mesh-lined back, the breeze sure feels good. Together with a pair of Backcountry Convertible pants, Columbia has you covered…literally.

And of course, we can’t forget about our eyes. How about a pair of quality sunglasses by Costa? Whether fishing or simply paddling for joy, protecting your eyes is just as important as anything else. Also helps deter the reflection from the sun off the water so you can see where you are going and what’s beneath you.

I invite you to browse our website to see all the other products we offer made specifically to protect you from the sun and keep you cool. Also, if you have any other recommendations you’d l like to share, comment below.

Stay cool!