ACK Kayak Fishing Gear Guide: A Visual Presentation

When it comes to gearing up for kayak fishing, you really only need a few essential items such as your paddle, PFD, rod holders, a paddle leash and an anchor. But, when your fishing adventures become more numerous and you find yourself hitting your favorite fishing spots earlier and for a longer period of time, so will the need for more specialized kayak fishing gear. Check out this gear guide for some suggestions. - Roland @ACK

Video Series: Rod Holders 101

We know one of our biggest requests for video topics has to do with kayak fishing and we are here to please! We filmed a new video series on Rod Holders and it covers the differences between styles of rod holders, the different types of mounts and the different methods for mounting the rod holder to your watercraft. There’s a lot to take in so if you’ve ever been curious about rod holders, aren’t sure what to look for, dive right in and let us know if you have any questions because we are always ready to help you outfit your adventure!

-Trent @ ACK

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