How to Choose a Trolling Rod Holder

Guest blog written by Andrew Moczygemba, Railblaza 

Rod Holder
Photo courtesy of Stephen Snider

This year, we have seen multiple big water kayaks like the Viking Reload and the Wilderness Thresher introduced to the market. While these are both all-purpose kayaks, they are designed for appeal to the offshore, beyond the breaker (BTB), kayak fishermen. Like these kayaks, their rod holder counterparts are technically all-purpose rod holders, some of which are designed for and appeal to the offshore kayak angler such as the Railblaza Rod Holder ||.

Most BTB anglers will be trolling baits with their rods locked in rod holders from time to time. In fact, some fish this way exclusively. Continue reading How to Choose a Trolling Rod Holder

How to Video: Install a Flush Mounted Rod Holder

Streamed live on Dec. 18th via a Google+ Hangout, Chris Hackerd, ACK Co-Owner and VP of Store Operations, shows how to perform a flush mounted rod holder installation on a kayak. This was our first attempt at a live presentation and I gotta say, Chris did a great job! What do you think? What type of install would you like for him to do next?

Roland @ACK

The following products

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Locking Flush Mount Bracket 244L from Scotty

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Rod Leash from ACKessories

Stainless Steel Bolt #10