ACK & Sawyer Paddles at the Reel Paddling Film Festival and Colorado River Ramble

In the midst of our busy Demo Day schedule we’ve somehow found the time to get involved with two more local Austin events with some help from our friends at Saywer Paddles. We are talking about the Reel Paddling Film Festival and the Colorado River Ramble – two events we were involved with last year (see the 2012 Ramble Recap).

Here are some details about the events:

Reel Paddling Film Festival, Friday April 12th at Fiesta Gardens

We attended this family fun event last year and were blown away by the range and caliber of films they presented. There are documentaries, instructional films and films about whitewater, canoeing, SUPing, kayak fishing, adventure travel, sea kayaking and much, much more! Find more details about the event here. We’ll be out there showing off a Mana Rip SUP paddle from Sawyer Paddles which competitors of the River Ramble will have an opportunity to win the following Sunday.

Colorado River Ramble, Sunday April 14th at Fiesta Gardens

The fourth annual Colorado River Ramble is sure to be a lot of fun again in 2013 with opportunities for everyone to participate in a series of canoe, kayak and SUP races in the heart of Austin. We’ll have a few ACK competitors in the five mile race as well as some great prizes for event goers to win including a $300 Mana Rip SUP Paddle from Sawyer Paddles! Be there as early as 6:00 AM and expect festivities to end at 2:00 PM. More details available here.

Hope to see you out there!

Reel Paddling Film Festival Winners Announced


If you haven’t heard already, the Reel Paddling Film Festival premiered last week and the the winners were announced. This is the 7th year for the event and last weeks premiere kicks off the 2012 world tour that could be coming to your city! Check here for dates and locations. Austin, Texas paddlers, it looks like the Expedition School will be hosting a tour date here on June 9th so be sure to mark your calendars! Congrats to all!  Joseph @ACK

Here is the full list of winners:

1. Best Sea Kayaking Film: In Rescues – Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown, you’ll see exciting and practical rescue coaching sessions from one of the world’s top coaches.

2. Best Canoeing Film: Tracing the Columbia brings together two historical moments: David Thompson’s charting of the Columbia River in 18 11 and the 45-day journey paddling the river to mark the 200th anniversary of Thompson’s achievement.

3. Best Whitewater Film: In Wildwater, journey into the places only river runners can go. It’s a visually stunning feast for the senses, and an expedition into new ideas.

4. Best Kayak Fishing Film: ExOfficio Presents Kayak Fishing: Game On 4 Jim Sammons hooks up with Paul Harwood on the Fraser River in BC with the goal of catching one of the areas enormous sturgeon.

5. Best Environmental Paddling Film: The Pipedreams Project follows 3 kayakers on their epic two-month expedition to oppose a $5.5 Billion pipeline project in British Columbia.

6. Best Paddling Documentary: Chasing Water is the story of Pete McBride, a child of the Colorado River, as he decides to follow the water from his ranch in Western Colorado to see where it ends up.

7. Best Amateur/Short Paddling Film: So Fine sees Zac Crouse develop banjo paddling with the help from a Muppet.

8. Best Instructional Paddling Film: Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing with Becky Mason will leave you spellbound by the advanced strokes and maneuvers she shows and the stunning underwater camera angles.

9. Best Stand-up Paddling Film: In Standup 4 Greatbear, Norm Hann takes us on a 400km SUP expedition through the Great Bear Rainforest, and along the proposed North Coast oil tanker route.