How To Properly Transport Your SUP

Although, at first glance stand up paddle boards look easy to transport, their long and flat shape actually makes them act like wings.

On top of that you have to be careful not to damage their surface. If you’re driving a pickup a van or vehicle big enough to safely transport the board inside, the only thing I’d recommend is getting a padded board bag that will save both your board and your vehicle some wear and tear.

Most people need to transport their SUP on top of their vehicle and if that’s what you need to do there are few things to consider:

Always transport your SUP flat on the roof with the fins facing up, if the board is on edge it will act like a huge sail when you are driving which could cause you to lose control.

Even with your board flat on the roof you have to appreciate it’s going to act like a wing as the air rises up the windshield and hits the underside. Continue reading How To Properly Transport Your SUP

New Gear From Yakima and Whispbar!

We recently brought a few new Yakima and Whispbar products and I thought a quick overview might be helpful.

Whispbar Mighty Mount 32H

The Whispbar Mighty Mount for the standard bar and the HD bar allows you to attach many of the stnadard Yakima rack accessories such as Land Sharks, Hully Rollers, High Rollers, and Kayak Stackers to the Whispbar cross rails.  The standard Whispbar mount is MightyMount 32H and the HD is 34H.

Yakima Arm Lock

The Yakima Arm Lock is a locking cable that secures your bike directly to the Yakima Double Down hitch racks.

For 2013 the Yakima Dry Dock has been improved, it now tilts away from the vehicle allowing for easier loading and also easier access the back of your car/truck without interfering.
Yakima Dry Dock

The Yakima Keel Over is a new product for this year and is somewhat similar to the Gunwale Bracket except this one mounts directy to factory roof rack bars. No need for a Yakima bar. This is a great item for people looking to carry a canoe without having to upgrade a stock rack system.

The Yakima Sprocket Rocket, High Roller, Hold Up, and Hold Up Plus have all received a makeover with new paint.  Nothing really new about them except that the HoldUp has been beefed up to take larger bikes, has a stronger pivot arm for a longer lifespan and now has side to side adjustability.
Jerron @ACK

Naked Roof? Get a Kayak Rack!

ACK employee, Joseph Dowdy, recently wrote a series of comprehensive guides to lead you in the right direction when shopping for auto racks for your car, suv or truck. We thought it may be a good idea to reference each one of them through one post…here ya go:

Yakima roof rack system.

Maybe you just bought a new kayak because you took advantage of our free kayak shipping offer or feel that it’s time to upgrade your current setup. Either way, we’ve got a variety options regardless of how naked your vehicle’s roof top is. We recently published a series of articles to lead you in the right direction. Pick your setup below:

Bare Naked Roof – No rack, rails or crossbars? Don’t blush, we’ll get you covered with simple and affordable to the best in premium and stylish kayak rack solutions.

Factory Racks – Don’t swear at your factory racks just yet. This article highlights a few options for you regardless of whether you have rails, crossbars or both!

Truck Racks – You thought your truck bed would suffice and now you realize that maybe that’s not the case. We’ve got something for you too!

Kayak Cradles for all Racks – You got one sweet rack, now you need a way to secure your kayak to it? Give your kayak some love too, secure it…protect it.

Thule Regional Dealer Conference Dual Report

A captive audience of Thule authorized dealers.

Chris: I got to attend the Thule Regional Conference in Houston recently and it was very informative. The majority of the information and knowledge was geared towards dealers servicing customers better but I also took away some interesting tidbits of information. Did you know that Thule has a 5-day shake test on products? They take a new product and put it in a paint shaker type machine and shake the living daylights out of it for 5 days to see if it will stay together! The majority of Thule products are made in the USA and they have been innovating products for 70 years.

The day was interesting and we got to get real hands-on with some of Thule’s newer products. It was great meeting dealers and buyers from other areas. It was shocking how many dealers had never installed a Thule rack and how proud I was of our staff for knowing how to fit and install with pride…and without an additional charge to our customers. – Chris @ACK

It was a great experience with something we could take back to our customers.

Andrew: The craziest thing I learned at the conference was that Thule got its start manufacturing decorative belt buckles then transitioned into auto parts in the 60’s and that the company that builds the Thule tire chains began as a chained armor manufacturer for knights.

I am also glad to have learned that the 2012 Thule Fit Guide now includes fit measurements for Trunk Bike Mounts and Cargo Boxes. The new trunk bike mounts include a dial to lock in the fit instead of the hooks attached to webbing like most other trunk mounts.

I really enjoyed learning more about Thule and look forward to sharing this knowledge with our customers. – Andrew @ACK Houston

Major props to Thule for taking the time, effort and absorbing the expense for this unique opportunity, it was well worth the effort. This type of event always translates to better customer service and improved knowledge and confidence for our associates.