Video Update: Balance, At Ease

How should paddling fit into your life? What about the outdoors in general? Striking the right balance between outdoor fun and work is a reality most of us have to face. A new online video series called “Balance” aims addresses this topic and their first episode, At Ease, focuses on kayaker Blair Trotman.

Balance Ep.1- At Ease from Lee Visual on Vimeo.

NRS Releases Full Length “Remains of a River” Film

You might’ve caught occasional video updates on our blog sharing the video submissions to NRS of 2 friends who took it upon themselves to journey the entire Colorado River from its furthest inland source in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains to Mexico, a total of 1,700 miles. Since the completion of their trip, NRS has compiled the submitted and edited episodes for a final full length film. Just under 50 minutes, we hope you enjoy this amazing journey as much as we have. In the words of NRS, “at turns inspiring and alarming, this will have you laughing, marveling, shaking your head, and maybe planning an adventure of your own.” We certainly agree. – Joseph@ACK

Remains of a River, Episode 6 – NRS Video

The Remains of a River crew is joined by 11 friends as their journey takes Will and Zak through the Grand Canyon in the latest update from the Remains of a River series. As they say in the video, the “intellectual phase is over”. Instead, watch as the group enjoys the magnificence of ‘the Grandest Canyon’ with plenty of good food and silly antics. As you might expect, the Grand Canyon provides a beautiful backdrop for the video as well as plenty of sites for the crew to explore.  The rest of the series can be watched on the NRS homepage, here. Enjoy! – Joseph@ACK

Of Souls + Water, The Warrior – NRS Video

NRS doesn’t skimp when it comes to their short films. You might’ve caught our updates recently on the Remains of a River Series, but they’ve just released the next installment of their equally impressive Of Souls + Water and we couldn’t help but share. The fourth persona of their five part series which tell the real stories of five water bound archetypes, the warrior has fought all his life – on and off the water. Now, he finds peace  through his sport. – Joseph@ACK

“Years later…when I think everything is lost and gone, empty feeling in my gut, I go down to the river and get a surfboard and go surfing.” – Christopher Peterson, the Warrior

Remains of a River, Episode 4 – NRS Video

Will and Zak continue their ‘source to sea’ mission on their own in this latest installment from the NRS Remains of a River series. Watch as they immerse themselves in the “simplicity of the river” and ponder their reasoning for taking on such a journey. Props to these guys and may it inspire your own paddling adventure. Watch other episodes from the series here. – Joseph@ACK

Remains of a River, Episode 3 – NRS Video

Maybe you’ve been keeping up with Will and Zak from NRS on their journey to paddle the Green and Colorado Rivers from source to sea. If you haven’t, you can watch the first couple of installments at the NRS website, here. Otherwise, enjoy the latest update below.

Just saw the @NRSWeb Remains of a River ep. 3 @austinkayak, watch it here

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Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes Update: Week One Winner Announced

Packaged up and ready to go! Congrats Tony!

Congratulations to Tony Valentine from the great state of Mississippi for winning the first prize, an MSR Reactor Stove System, in the ACK 2012 Outfit Your Adventure Gear Giveaway.

The contest runs through early August. Anyone can participate by simply “liking” our Facebook page and entering via a short form. What makes the contest unique is that if you share with your friends, you can obtain an unlimited amount of multiple entries increasing your chances of winning. Additionally, all participants have multiple chances of winning regardless if they have already won or not!

Prizes being offered include a Gregory Fury 24 Backpack, an NRS Pilot Knife, a Werner Camano Paddle and a GoPro Video Camera!

Click here to enter and good luck! – Roland @ACK

ACK Featured Brand: NRS

NRS is at the core of paddling. Established in 1972 by founder Bill Parks, NRS has a rich history of growing from the ground up. Today the company seems to live and breathe paddling. Each week they release new instructional films and sponsored footage to the community (their Souls+Water is a great series if you haven’t heard of it). They sponsor athletes and ambassadors all over the world to represent their passion for paddling. Oh, and they also make great stuff for paddlers.

We carry a wide variety of NRS products including basic accessories, life jackets, dry suits and even some unique inflatable boats. One such boat is the Inflatable Pike Fishing Kayak. This boat comes already rigged with mounting options for fishing and best of all deflates and fits in a backpack! If you’re interested in learning more, watch this video from NRS rep Luke Adams at our 2012 Summer Demo Days.

We were also very lucky to have NRS sponsor our Texas based kayak fishing tournament, KATS, to which they donated one of their Inflatable Pikes!

ACKTV Update: NRS Pike Overview

Luke Adams from NRS paid us a visit at our Austin Demo Days back in April and showed off the features of a unique, inflatable fishing kayak called the NRS Pike. Luke covers all the features of the boat including its impressive stability for sight fishing, its portability, and plenty of other built-in features. Be sure to check back for more videos in our upcoming series of instructional and product overviews! – Trent @ACK

Now that the ProFootball Season is over in Texas…

NRS Endurance Jacket

Okay, maybe not over but I amongst many other Texas football fans, are probably starting to loose some interest in football this season. My faith in both the Cowboys and even the Texans is starting to dwindle. With two recent wins, there seems to be a small sense of hope for the Cowboys but my mind is already off the couch and in the water which brings me to this — think of it an as an opportunity for some Sunday winter paddling!

NRS Cross-4 Wetshoe

With temperatures staying relatively mild for most of the southern half of the state, it’s not that difficult to plan an outdoor paddling adventure. However, when preparing for paddling even in the mildest of winters, your focus needs to be on layers for both comfort and safety. For many parts of Texas, daytime highs can easily reach into the upper 70s and in some areas farther south, the low 80s but those temperatures can fluctuate dramatically within a few hours. Daytime highs in the upper 70s can easily turn to low 50s just after sunset. Ever heard the saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait…”? Well, there is a reason for that. Texas is known for sudden weather changes so it is always important to be prepared.

NRS Farmer John Wetsuit

Start with a base layer using the Hydrosilk Long Sleeve Shirt, partnered with the  Endurance Pants and Jacket along with a pair of high-top paddling boots like the Cross-4 Wetshoes.  I also recommend you take along dry bag with you because chances are you may have to shed some of those layers depending on what time of the day you are paddling and you’ll want a dry place to store them in case it cools off again.

NRS Rogue Gloves

For those of you that are not blessed the mild “winters” we experience along the gulf coast of Texas you may need to add a few items.  A Farmer John wetsuit between your base layer and splash jacket will do the trick. Consider the Stohlquist Splash Down Jacket with a built in hood as a substitute for the Endurance Jacket. I would also suggest the Stohlquist Mooners II Dry Pants as an upgrade to the Endurance Pants. The Mooners have latex rubber ankles cuff covers, which well help keep you dry. Top it all off with NRS HydroSkin Wetsocks and a pair of  Rogue Gloves with neoprene cuffs to help keep both your hands and feet warm. Visit our apparel section to view our complete line of dry and splash wear, regardless of your destination, you’ll be sure to find something that meets your needs.

So if you are done with football or just need to get out of the house over the holidays, outfitting yourself with proper apparel will provide a more comfortable and safe adventure this winter.