ACK Store Now Offering High-End Paddle Rentals

You may have been there once, that moment when you are standing in front of a display of paddles, debating between buying a lower or middle range paddle or the cool looking, super light and oh-so-pretty one on other side. You focus on standing in front of the lower end section trying to convince yourself to spend less. You may even try to avoid touching the higher end models because you are afraid it will stick to your hand like glue, yeah, that moment. We don’t blame you, it can be a bit intimidating, but you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, do yourself a favor, go for the higher-end paddle, you will not regret it.

Our suggestion: If you need some convincing, try one.

In the past I have had hundreds of customers come in looking for a kayak paddle. Mostly they end up purchasing a medium grade model in the $100 to $170 range. This is usually a result of simply feeling the paddle and weighing it in the store but ultimately they made their decision based on price.

Fact is, your paddle is the “motor of the boat” and you should always pay close attention to what you purchase. The high-end paddles we carry are made of lightweight materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber which are both very strong and rigid. Using paddles made of these materials will allow a person to paddle longer with less fatigue since they feature reduced swing weight and their increased rigidity makes them more efficient.

Of course we know that it’s hard to spend $300 to $400 on a paddle when realizing the benefits of using a high-end paddle are not easily apparent by simply holding a paddle in the store. Being able to paddle, especially for an extended period of time, or in questionable conditions is the best way to understand a high-end paddle’s benefits. Once a paddler gets the opportunity to try the lighter, stronger paddle, they typically never look back.

As the San Marcos Store Manager I am excited to announce our new high-end Paddle Rental Program. This program gives our customers the opportunity to experience the advantages of higher-end paddles for a nominal fee of $20 per day. If you end up buying a paddle of equal or greater value than the paddle you rented, we will credit you the $20 rental fee.

I encourage all paddlers near any one of our 3 stores to come in and take advantage of this rental paddle program. Do not base your paddle purchase decision solely on price. Upgrade your paddle (AKA motor) and make your paddling experience an enjoyable and effortless one.

ACK San Marcos

Featured Outfitter: Live Adventure

So many people work hard at what they do so they can earn a living to pay the bills, buy things they don’t need, or hopefully save enough money so they can retire in comfort. Live Adventure, a company that specializes in unique outdoor programs and expeditions wants to dramatically change the way people live their lives.

Branndon Bargo started Live Adventure in 2005 by putting together a trip that would transform his life. He wanted to do something that would push him physically, mentally, and spiritually, and also accomplish something that no one else had ever done before. He invited his brother Greg to join him and after coming to the conclusion that his two favorite things were mountains and sharks he decided to climb Mt. McKinley in Alaska then bike 4,000 miles to Baja Mexico and in between scuba dive with great white sharks in California. Brandon completed this adventure and became determined to use the outdoors and his sense of adventure to help others live full, passionate, and significant lives so he founded Live Adventure. In 6 years Live Adventure has grown its program services to include leadership skills workshops, team building experiences, rock climbing, mountaineering, and orienteering designed for corporate groups, athletes, and students.

In 2007,  Branndon founded One Blood Initiative, a non-profit that does work both locally and globally. The local mission is to offer outdoor programs to inner city kids from communities throughout Texas. One Blood’s global mission is to eradicate malaria from Africa by joining forces with several African organizations in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Most recently Live Adventure launched a kayak rental service at Cedar Hill State Park just outside of Dallas, Texas. Live Adventure sees this as a way to reach out to the community and continually remind people to live life to the fullest and remember to focus on the things that are important.

To read more about Live Adventure the work they are doing visit

Renting a Kayak at ACK

Renting a kayak has many advantages for those who want to enjoy a long peaceful day on the water, get outfitted for an overnight trip or even compete in a kayak-fishing tournament. You don’t have to worry about storing the kayak and you’ll always be sure to be paddling the latest models.

A Few Kayaks in Austin’s Rental Fleet

What many don’t realize is that it is also a great way to test paddle a kayak before you make a purchase — you don’t have to wait until the next DemoDay! Best of all, at ACK, we apply one days rental fee towards the purchase of your kayak or canoe. Renting a kayak gives you a “real-feel” scenario by giving you the time to slowly get to know the boat composition, performance and also give you a chance to personally load and unload it from your vehicle and even check to see if it will fit in your designated storage location — something that many don’t often consider.

What’s great about renting kayaks from ACK is that each rental lets you keep the boat for 24 hours. Continue reading Renting a Kayak at ACK