GRTU Troutfest 2011 Recap

ACK was recently honored to host a kayak demo at the 2011 Troutfest at Rio Raft Resort in New Braunfels, TX. Troutest is a Fly-Fishing Banquet and Exposition held annually by the good folks at Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited. The funds generated by the Banquet and Expo are used to conserve, protect and restore the cold tailwater fishery immediately below the Canyon Dam on the Guadalupe River.

Troutfest 2011 Demo

The event had a really nice turnout and we got to greet some of our regular customers along with meeting many who were new to kayaking. Many anglers were showing off their fly-fishing skills just a few feet from ACK. We set up a tent with a variety of kayaks on the banks of the  beautiful Guadalupe River to demonstrate the use of kayaks for fly-fishing. A number of anglers were interested in testing out those same skills on a kayak.

Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves and were glad to have made some new friends. We were very pleased to be there to answer questions and were happy to have shared plenty of expert kayak fishing knowledge with the attendees. We look forward to seeing you and all the other folks we met at one of our retail locations soon!

Did you get a chance to attend? If so, we are interested in your overall experience at the event…let us know by commenting below.

We look forward to next year’s event!

ACK San Marcos

Renting a Kayak at ACK

Renting a kayak has many advantages for those who want to enjoy a long peaceful day on the water, get outfitted for an overnight trip or even compete in a kayak-fishing tournament. You don’t have to worry about storing the kayak and you’ll always be sure to be paddling the latest models.

A Few Kayaks in Austin’s Rental Fleet

What many don’t realize is that it is also a great way to test paddle a kayak before you make a purchase — you don’t have to wait until the next DemoDay! Best of all, at ACK, we apply one days rental fee towards the purchase of your kayak or canoe. Renting a kayak gives you a “real-feel” scenario by giving you the time to slowly get to know the boat composition, performance and also give you a chance to personally load and unload it from your vehicle and even check to see if it will fit in your designated storage location — something that many don’t often consider.

What’s great about renting kayaks from ACK is that each rental lets you keep the boat for 24 hours. Continue reading Renting a Kayak at ACK

Good Times at the “In the Water” Austin Boat Show

Austin Canoe and Kayak was recently in attendance as an exhibitor at the “In the Water” Austin Boat Show. What makes this event unique from many of the other boat shows that are usually held in a convention or events center is that  attendees get to shop for their next boat (or kayak) on the water.

We had a great time out there and would like to thank all of the attendees that stopped by to visit with us. Along with near perfect weather, the surrounding hill country, and of course the lake, the setting provided a beautiful backdrop throughout the day. Attendees were also able to enjoy food, drinks and live music at “Carlos’ and Charlie’s”, which was literally just a few steps away. We had several Hobie kayaks available for demo amongst a few others.

If you didn’t have a chance to make it out to the Austin In the Water Show this year, sign up for our Newsletter Email List or Become a “Fan” of our Facebook page and you’ll be sure to get the memo for these and many other events in the coming year. Looking for something to do when the weather ‘cools’ down this winter? Visit us at the Austin, Houston or San Antonio boat shows in January. Its the perfect time to get ready for spring which will be right around the corner.  Details on these shows coming soon.


Here are a couple more photos we captured: