Attention Kayak Anglers…the Power Pole Mirco Anchor is Coming to ACK!

The iCast 2013 Best Product of Show is coming to ACK!

The Power Pole Micro Anchor is headed for ACK! This electronic shallow water anchoring system is designed for kayaks, canoes, and small boats up to 1500 pounds. Kayak anglers, this one is for you!

Here’s how it works:

Thinking About Buying One? Read this.

The Power Pole Micro Anchor in use with a Hobie Pro Angler.
The Power Pole Micro Anchor in use with a Hobie Pro Angler.

For $595, you get the Power Pole Micro Anchor, a wireless remote to control the micro anchor, a wireless dash switch that can be mounted on board and used instead of the wireless remote, all mounting hardware, an adjustable mounting bracket, a quick release cord, USB connector, and access to Power Pole’s free Android Operating System app that will allow your phone to act as the controller as well.

In addition to the Power Pole Micro Anchor, you must purchase the Micro Spike. This is an 8 foot long stake out pole designed specifically for the Micro Anchor. It does not come included with the actual unit itself. What is unique about the Micro Anchor is that if you already have a stake out pole and do not want to use the 8′ Micro Spike, you are able to use that, as long as it is 3/4″ in diameter (such as the YakAttack Park ‘N’ Pole).

Other accessories we will carry include the Adjustable Mounting Bracket, Transom Clamp-On Attachment (for small craft that have a flat transom located in the rear, and the Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

The Power Pole Micro Anchor and all of its accessories will be available in January of 2014, so as of right now we are only accepting pre-orders. See more about it here:

Anchors and Drift Chutes

Both Anchors and Drift Chutes are tools that are always in my arsenal as they each have special uses.  I use my anchor in a few different ways when I’m fishing the local river.  Sometimes I’ll use it to compensate for the current and other times I’ll just utilize the line and wrap the anchor line around a tree branch to hold the boat in a particular location or I’ll use a Brush Gripper.  At the coast I can use the anchor when I’m fishing in the deeper water out beyond the surf line. I may let out about 50 foot of line in my hunt for those big fish.  In cases like these an anchor trolley will come in handy as well.  Check out some additional info on anchor trolleys.

A Drift Chute, or drift sock as some refer to them, are a whole different ballgame. One of my favorite ways to use the drift chute is while drifting my kayak down a shoreline, I simply attach 8-10 feet of line to my kayak and at the other end of the line goes the chute.  The drift chute causes drag and slows the kayak down allowing me to get enough casts to completely cover the shoreline so I don’t miss any of the big fish lurking in and around the bank.

Pat Pancratz
ACK – San Marcos