Introducing the ACKessories Milk Crate!

What is the one accessory item you can always find in the tankwell of a kayak fisherman? If your answer was, ‘A milk ACKcessories Milk Cratecrate!’ then you are 100% correct. Kayak fishermen use them to house all of their gear and even turn to some creative rigging to make their crates suit their style of fishing or needs. Let’s face the facts though. Not everyone out there who buys a milk crate wants to have to go and get extravagant with their crate designs. The typical modification that you find is the standard PVC pipe that is zip-tied into the corners of the crate to act as rod holders. Outside that, the standard milk crate is fairly plain in design. Now, with ACK introducing the ACKessories Milk Crate with Slide Trax Crate Rails, ANYONE can have a well thought out milk crate design that goes past just having some PVC strapped in.

This kit comes with everything you need to turn a 19″ x 13″ milk crate into a multi-functional kayak fishing accessory. With tapped holes to allow for the attachment of after market gear tracks, slots cut out to house pliers or fish grips, and even a slot that allows for a 5 gallon bucket to fit snug in the center of the crate that can be used as a live bait container. For the fisherman who enjoys having his PVC rod holders in his crate, there are four holes cut out in the corners to slide some PCV in to cure that itch.

The days of having to think out a milk crate design are over!

Below, Jerron Wosel, an ACK Buyer, demonstrates how to install the ACKessories Milk Crate with Slide Trax Crate Rails onto a kayak.

Is It Too Early to Start Preparing for the 2011 Spring Paddling Season?

We think not!

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Living in Texas, it’s not difficult to convince someone that spring is just around the corner, but for those of you north of the Red River, yeah, not so much. Maybe if we try hard enough, we can at least convince you that it really is time to start preparing yourself and your boat for the spring paddling season. Need some motivation? Play a slideshow of your favorite paddling photographs or cut some pics out of magazines and strategically place them around the area where you plan to prep your gear. These are pleasant reminders as to why you are doing this instead of sitting on the couch.

Always Carry a Backup Paddle

Safety First!
Start with your PFD, they can deteriorate over time. Check for mildew, make sure the shoulder straps are intact, check the fabric for dry rot and make sure that the foam has not been compressed. Next, look over your paddle for cracks in the shaft or blades and other imperfections. Make sure the connection between the shafts is clean and the push-button is operational. Last thing you want is to be left stranded in open water with a damaged paddle. If you don’t already have one, we recommend you carry a back up paddle. And, of course, inspect your boat. Check for cracks in the hull especially around the scupper holes (if you have a sit on top) and along the keel line. If you do find a crack in the hull, we offer a couple of repair kit options or it might be time to get a new one — wink, wink.

Chances are, you’ll begin paddling while the temperatures are still cool, so make sure your survival pack still has everything you need in case of an emergency. While the air temperature can warm up rather quickly, the water will still be very cold and hypothermia is no joke! If you do plan to paddle while it is still cool out there, make sure you are outfitted with the proper apparel (Check out this month’s product review).

It's Like SPF40 For Your Yak

Does it still work?
Take inventory of all the gear you currently have to make sure it is in proper working order. We recommend that you set your kayak at a comfortable working level (try these Talic Seahorses) and tighten all fittings, carefully inspect all bungee, straps and fabrics for wear, make sure your rudder operates smoothly and check to see that the seals around the hatches are in good shape. If you see any rust forming around any of the bolts and other fittings, consider replacing them. Lastly, clean your boat with a mild detergent and when you are done, apply some 303 Aerospace Kayak Protectant ‑ its like SPF40 for your kayak and it will also bring its shine back to life!

Use this time to check any other gear including dry/wet suits, booties, skirts, kayak rack, tie down straps, kayak/canoe cart and anything else you typically use when paddling.

What about You?
It’s easy to focus on the material things but we sometimes forget that our bodies also need to prepare for the paddling season. If you are like me, you’ve probably already fallen off the self-imposed new year exercise routine — get back on it! Focus on exercises that will strengthen your arms and torso but also pay attention to those legs. Cardio is key when it comes to building your stamina when engaging in long paddling trips. Feeling a little rusty or want to learn some new paddling or shall I dare say proper techniques? Take a lesson or two!

Got everything you need?
Been thinking about fishing from your kayak or simply need to upgrade your paddle? How can we not promote the fact we have the largest offering of kayak accessories available anywhere. After you get all your gear in good working order, we invite you to get comfortable with a cup of hot chocolate and browse our extensive online store.

How are you preparing for the spring paddling season? Comment below, we want to know!