ACK Fishfinder Installation Package

ACK Fishfinder Installation Kit
ACK Fishfinder Installation Kit

Installing a Fishfinder on a kayak can be a daunting task to people who try it for the first time.  Trust me, I know.  The first time I tried to install a fishfinder I had wires running all over the place and parts laying all around because I didn’t know what they were, where they went or what they attached to.  I even came out of the whole experience more frustrated than relieved. I am pretty sure I even questioned if all that work was even worth it.  Let’s face it, sometimes it just helps having a more “seasoned” installation veteran show you the ropes or even install it for you.  Here at ACK, we recognized this problem and came up with a solution.  Not only did we come up with our own ACK Fishfinder Installation Package, but we created a full set of instructions including detailed photos that are extremely easy to follow.  As if that weren’t enough, we filmed a step-by-step video to help show you how the installation is supposed to go so that you’ll have a visual reference if need be.  Pretty cool, right?  I sure wish I had that when I did my first installation!  The ACK Fishfinder Installation package gives you everything you need to help get your fishfinder up and running with fairly minimal effort.  Now you don’t necessarily have to follow the rules to a “T”. If you want to tweak the installation to fit your own personal wants or needs, feel free,  the instructions in the kit will help guide you down the right path to get you to your end goal….a working fishfinder! As always if you have questions or need advice feel free to send us a email at

Here’s the video:

-Jerron @ ACK

Hey, what’s going on down there?

Example of a screen display on the Humminbird 1198c SI Combo Fishfinder

The ability to know exactly what lies under you while out on the water is a question we have all found ourselves asking. Not every trip produces water clear enough for you to just peek over the side of your vessel and view everything that swims or crawls across the bottom of the waters. Fishermen spend countless hours searching for that one stretch of water that will produce the most consistent bite all due to either a certain piece or type of structure, varying bottom contours, or the presence or absence of particular types of vegetation. This is where having a fish finder can dramatically help you discover the world below.

Lowrance Elite-4 DSI Fishfinder

Easily installed and very accurate, fish finders open a new world to the person using them. Newer units even incorporate a new type of technology called down imaging or side imaging sonar. These features allow the unit to capture an almost exact photo of what lies below or out to the side of your craft. Trees are shown with all of their limbs and schools of fish are shown in detail. Another great feature is the ability of most fish finder units to display a map with GPS marking ability. You can easily mark, store, and recall saved way-points that you store on the unit itself. Some fish finders also will allow you to insert small SD cards pre-loaded with finely detailed mapping software that will show under water topographical information on the screen. Fish finders come in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities which allows you to pick a unit that is specifically tailored to the type of use that you will be using it for.

Lowrance and Humminbird are the industry leaders in this field and their catalog of products covers just about every type of fish finder on the market. If you get the chance, check out some of these awesome gadgets and stop having to wonder what is below you. It’s time to start KNOWING what lies beneath!

Taming the Currents and Seeing in the Dark

I recently got a chance to go on a late night fishing trip. I was particularly excited because this was going to be a great opportunity for me to test out some new equipment that I had purchased for my kayak.

As usual the weather conditions were not predicted correctly. Instead of 5-10 mph winds we had the pleasure of experiencing 15-25 mph winds. This made for difficult paddling with strong currents and a nasty head wind when it was time to return to our launch point. Those same strong currents required that I safely secure my kayak while trying to cast my lines so I went ahead and deployed my Bruce Claw anchor. It was a good choice because of its ability to be retrieved quickly and easily in case it became hung up on the bottom. And as you can imagine, this was important that night because of the strong currents and the amount of crushed rock piles we were fishing over.

That same night, I got to test drive my new fishfinder, the Humminbird 385ci. This unit proved to be really handy at night because of its ability to locate bottom structure and depth as well as being able to plot points on a map. The GPS effectively allows me to mark waypoints, paths traveled and gives me the option to zoom in on a map to get a better idea of where I am or where I wanted to go — perfect for night fishing. The combination of depth and structure had to be just right or we’d never find the fish. Lucky for us, the Humminbird 385ci helped us out tremendously and we were all able to catch our limits of Trout even got a bonus Redfish to boot!

As a kayak angler, I personally recommend these products especially if you plan to find yourselves in the same type of conditions. Give them try and good luck!