Familiar Faces at the Houston Fishing Show

ACK Booth at the Houston Fishing Show

I’m here at the Houston Fishing Show and I keep running into customers from the store. Shows like this really put into perspective how many people we have helped with either buying or outfitting their kayaks. It makes me feel good to see that we are making an impact in the paddling community. – Andrew @ACK Houston

Note: The show goes on until Sunday, March 4th. For location, time, and other details, click here.

Can’t Wait for My Fried Alligator on a Stick!

ACK at the 2011 Houston Fishing Show

Each year we participate in the Houston Fishing Show at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This event, although small in the grand scheme of shows, is an overall cool event put on in the Houston area. There is a large diversity of booths (including ACK) available for the public to go visit and almost anything fishing can be found. I personally enjoy the large variety of products offered. Where else can I go walking around with a stick of fried alligator to munch on and shop for stink bait, buy insurance, win a guided offshore trip, get my glasses cleaned and then buy the one lure I was originally shopping for in the first place? The Houston Fishing show is exactly where I can do all of that….and I love every second of it! – Jerron @ACK Houston