Helle Viking Knife – Customer Review

Helle Viking Knife and Sheath
Helle Viking Knife and Sheath

One of our customers, Brent Baldwin, shared the following in-depth review with us about his Helle Viking Knife and we thought you might enjoy it.

“This is an excellent knife, but before you order, you should know what you are getting. Study the pictures on this website, and read other reviews.

The Viking is essentially a thousand year old design. If you want modern features in your outdoor knife, you may want to pass on it. However, if you appreciate tradition along with quality, you might like it.

The Viking is very simple in design and construction. There is no guard or bolster. The blade is of modern carbon steel (not stainless), and is quite substantial in thickness. It comes razor sharp from the factory. “HELLE” is stamped on the obverse side, but there are no other markings. The tang extends all the way through the traditional Nordic curly birch haft and is peened over a diamond-shaped “washer,” which has been typical of Scandinavian knives for centuries. The handle (or haft) is slighty barrel-shaped, thicker and wider in the middle, which facilitates a good grip. the wood is lightly stained and appears to have an oil finish.

The leather sheath is also a traditional design. It is a very close fit, and retains the knife securely without additional fasteners. There is some simple tooling on the front of the sheath, but nothing silly and no maker’s mark.

The knife comes packaged in a sturdy and tastefully marked cardboard tube, along with a wiping cloth. There is no plastic in the knife, the sheath, or the packaging.

This is a very simple, strong, functional, and traditional knife, in a pattern that dates to medieval times. It is not for everyone, but those who appreciate history and tradition along with their time outdoors should find it to their liking.”

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