Casting for a Cause 2014- Barrett Takes the Coast

Casting for a Cause Tournament Banner

Living in Florida I’d heard nothing but good things about the Casting for a Cause tournament held annually in Port Aransas, so when I moved back to Texas I had to add this tournament to my schedule. This year’s beneficiaries for the tournament are The National MS society, Haven for Hope, Heroes on the Water, and over 20 other charitable organizations. Opening a new ACK store in San Antonio has kept me busy, so this would be my first trip to the coast.  I managed to find a laid back and experienced partner for the tournament, thank you Fred, fishing with you and the girls was awesome!!!
My tournament preparation was pretty chaotic, and not everything went as smoothly as planned.  I didn’t double check my electronics after my kayak had sat unused for 8 months, so of course my GPS/FF acted up. Continue reading Casting for a Cause 2014- Barrett Takes the Coast