Halloween Kayak Fishing?

Costumes Might Help When It Comes to Kayak Fishing

Happy Halloween everyone! I don’t know how you’re planning on spending your day but my guess is that going kayak fishing in full costume isn’t on the agenda. Well, unless you’re a member of team Hook On Yak, that is! Get into the holiday spirit and check out their recent Halloween kayak fishing video:

Hope you have a great day whether you’re celebrating or not! Make sure to check out the post I made earlier this week about ways paddlers are celebrating Halloween and to let us know what you’re doing by commenting below.

5 Ways Passionate Paddlers are Celebrating Halloween

With Halloween on the horizon, here are 5 unique ways paddlers are celebrating Halloween:

1. Spooky Kayak Decorations, because nothing says scary like a skeleton in a kayak.

Because nothing says scary like a skeleton in a kayak.

2. Dressing Up Like Mr. CanoeHead, this insurance salesman turned super hero is a reference no one will probably get.

Mr. Canoehead

3. Paddling a..Pumpkin? It’s a farmer thing.

It's a farmer thing.

 4. Paddling in Costume, just call him The Super Paddler.

Just call him the Super Paddler.

5. Giving out these to Trick-or-Treat-ers. Who cares what it tastes like, it’s wrapper is a canoe.

Who cares what it tastes like, it's wrapper is a canoe.

So what are you doing to incorporate paddling into your holiday? Let us know by commenting below!