Stay Prepared with the Weekender First Aid Kit

Written by Spring Store Associate Kelsey Knowlden

Emergency preparedness is an important aspect of outdoor adventures that often is overlooked or forgotten. What many people don’t realize is that it doesn’t usually take much. Getting a basic kit like the Weekender First Aid Kit and keeping it in your pack or car glove compartment can prepare you for a variety of situations.

Supplies Paired with the Knowledge To Use Them

The Weekender First Aid Kit
The Weekender First Aid Kit

The Weekender First Aid Kit is intended to keep up to 6 people prepared for up to a week in the field. It doesn’t just offer supplies for emergency situations but also basic instructions on how to use them. It should never replace seeking medical attention, but when you have the Weekender First Aid Kit packed away nearby you can feel confident that you are prepared for the worst.

As with all of the Adventure Medical Kits that are stocked at ACK, the Weekender First Aid Kit is packed full of user friendly features. A basic but important one is that it is very clearly labelled and bright blue. This is especially important if in an emergency someone else has to grab the med kit, you can easily explain what it looks like and they don’t have to spend time searching through bags.

It’s organized into compartments labeled by injury or incident with the necessary supplies and simple instructions.The instructions do a good job of giving a crash course on how to assess a situation, when medical attention is needed and what to do in the mean time. Adventure Medical Kits even go as far as including a patient assessment chart that goes over documenting the details of the scene, subject information, noting vitals, and an evacuation plan. These probably aren’t things that you would slow down and think to use these when in a stressful situation, but they are still good to have.

The Weekender First Aid Kit also includes supplies to treat different injuries plus simple and easy to follow directions on how to identify what the issue is and how best to treat it for ailments such as fractures, sprains, and cuts. Not only that, but it also includes supplies for the one who is treating the patient. Being sanitary when treating others is extremely important and the Weekender First Aid Kit has the essentials like a bio-hazard face shield and gloves.

Don’t Rely On the Kit Alone

The most important part of being prepared, after having a complete first aid kit like the Weekender, is knowing what is inside and how to use it. Familiarize yourself with its contents and keep it easily accessible because there may be a time, whether it’s a matter of survival or cuts and scrapes, where you will be thankful that you were prepared.

See more about the Weekender First Aid Kit in the video below and then check out the product page here:

Win a First Aid Kit for National Safety Month this June!

Designated as National Safety Month by the National Safety Council, June marks both the coming summer and a reminder to be safe in everything you do including adventuring outside. We thought this would be a great opportunity to remind readers about staying prepared with proper safety gear and in particular, first aid kits.

Day Tripper Kit
Day Tripper Kit

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See more about the kit in this video:

Why Bring a Kit?

Safety in your outdoor adventures, whether it’s a short hike or an overnight paddling expedition, is all about preparation. Cuts, scrapes, bug bites or  a headache can happen anywhere, anytime, and it pays to be ready. Equipping yourself with a pre-assembled first aid kit is often the most convenient and cost effective way to do this. Most are compact, lightweight and are always a great way to make sure you haven’t forgotten any of the basics.

The Weekender Kit is made for week long trips.
The Weekender Kit is made for week long trips.

If you do plan on relying on a first aid kit there are a few things to consider including:

  • the size of your group who will be relying on your kit
  • the duration of your trip
  • any inherent danger of your specific trip
  • proximity to medical assistance
  • special needs of anyone in the group

For example, Adventure Medical Kits makes several different kits based on the length of your trip like the Weekender Kit versus the Day Tripper.

What Should a Kit Include?

Kits should include the basic necessities like:

  • Bandages (various sized adhesive bandages for wounds, dressings and moleskin for treating blisters)
  • Items to reduce chance of infection (antiseptic wipes, gloves & hand wipes, alcohol swabs)
  • Basic tools (tweezers for splinters, tape, some type of knife or blade)
  • Simple drugs & lotions (Aspirin or Ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment and any prescription drugs)
  • Manual explaining how to use items in the kit

Of course there are plenty of extra items to consider ranging from things like emergency dental items to bug bite ointment. Each kit should be personalized to the nature of your trip and group, so if there is an expected hazard make sure to pack first aid items to prepare for it!

Browse our full selection of First Aid Kits and Accessories.


Never Hurts To Be Prepared

Stay prepared with emergency gear!

Typically when people find themselves in the great outdoors, most never think that anything could possibly go wrong. I mean most places we go are on well traveled trails right?

Let me paint a scenario for you. Say you are an avid outdoors photographer traveling to a state park to shoot pictures of wildlife in its natural environment. These state parks can encompass tens of thousands of acres and are usually crisscrossed with hundreds of trails. You pick your trail and set off in search for that perfect picture. Now anyone can take photos on the trail of random animals that they see, but you want to get into those animals environment and get some really good shots, so you decide to stray off the trail. In your search you become so engulfed in your surroundings that you forget exactly how far off the trail you have become, or even what direction the trail is in. You suddenly come to the realization that you are lost with nothing on you but maybe a bottle of water and your camera equipment. Now what are you going to do?

This type of situation happens all the time in the outdoors all over the country and unfortunately many of these scenarios do not end pretty for the lost person because they are ill prepared to handle a survival situation. For this sole reason, no matter where I go in the outdoors or what I am doing while I am there, you will not find me without some sort of survival gear.

Some survival kits fit right in your pocket!

Nowadays survival packs can pack into units small enough to fit in various sizes of gear bags right down to being able to be stowed away in your pocket. Key essentials such as storm proof matchesemergency bivys or sheltersfire tinderfirst aid and other goodies are neatly packed into individual air tight parcels to keep moisture out of them and give you the best chance of surviving with viable gear. Some of these units even come in waterproof containers all together!

Some kits have enough gear to help you survive for weeks.

Just as important as portable packs for the wilderness are those that provide emergency preparedness in any situation. These kits for your car or home will help you endure through multiple weeks of a disaster situation with things like matches, food rations, compact sleeping bags, water filtration and much more. We also carry items like Emergency Water, Food Rations, standalone fuel InstaFire and plenty of other disaster preparedness items that would make great supplements to any camping, emergency or survival kit.

Do yourself a favor and always plan for the unexpected. Something a simple as an afternoon trail walking trip could turn ugly before you even know what happened. Visit our website to view a full assortment of survival equipment to help get you better prepared to make it out alive and well.

Jerron @ACK

Camping this weekend? Be prepared…

Are you heading out for the weekend? Maybe a few nights at a State Park, or a couple of days at a hike-in-site.  Be prepared. Take a quick and simple inventory of your gear and you can make sure that you have a relaxing weekend.

  • Water
  • First Aid
  • Lights
  • Insect Repellent
  • Rain Gear/Rain Canopy
  • Camera

Water – In most cases water will be readily available in areas like State Parks, but that doesn’t mean it will taste good. For water that has already been treated check out the CamelBak Groove Bottle, it has an integrated charcoal filter so that your water always tastes great and each replaceable filter is good for 30 gal/114 L. If your water source is suspect try the Playpus Gravity Works Filter System. It does all the work for you, using gravity to move the water from one bladder to the other while passing it through an advanced, hollow fiber filter that effectively removes particulates, bacteria and protozoa.

First Aid – Plan for the minor emergencies. Bandages, aspirin, ibuprofen, safety pins, tweezers, antibiotic ointments, etc. Check out the Adventure Medical Kits Weekender, everything you need to be prepared in a compact, tri-fold carry case.

Light up the night – A lantern is nice and sets the mood, but in my opinion headlamps are a must at any campsite. Hands free means you can play cards, cook or make equipment repairs in the dark. Check your batteries and, even if you know that they are new, bring backups, nothing is more useless than a dead headlamp.

Insects – Unfortunately they want to co-exist with us and we don’t nearly appreciate them as much as they do us. Bring repellent, or better yet, treat your clothing so it does the work for you without all the smell. Solutions like the Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent spray on your clothing and last up to 6 washings.

Rain – Depending on where you are this may seem like an impossibility. Here in Texas it seems like it will never rain again, but when it rains, well, it pours and this will ruin your trip if you aren’t prepared. Not only do you want to bring a tarp or canopy, but also a rain jacket. Something you can work in to set up camp or make provisions under should the rain sneak up on you.

Capture the moment – Most of us have a camera on our phone these days and that might suffice for your next adventure, if not, make sure you have some way to capture the special moments, we don’t want to hear about the one that got away….

Obviously this list can go on forever, but hopefully this sparks some reminders and helps make the next outing one to remember, for the good things ;-)

Steve @ACK

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