Let’s Go Camping

With Spring giving us this beautiful weather and Summer on the horizon, we at ACK can think of only one thing- camping season!Camping What’s better than getting outside and enjoying what nature has to offer with family and friends? Kayaking a nearby river, cooking over an open campfire, and sleeping under the stars are just a few things that make camping one of our favorite things to do when the weather beckons us outside. We strongly believe that with the proper camping gear, a person who may not like camping can be converted into an avid camper. Gone are the days of uncomfortably sleeping on rocks and limited food options. A new and improved way of camping has evolved through the trials and tribulations of campers before us who have given advice and guidance. Not only do campers of days past provide tips and must-haves, apparently our Facebook fans have a few tricks of their own to share! We took to the ACK Facebook page to see what all of you would consider “camping necessities” and got some great ideas. So great in fact, we couldn’t help but share them on our blog! With these items, the next time you hear “Let’s go camping!” you’ll be fully prepared to camp in comfort and style.


  1. Duct Tape
  2. Cast Iron Dutch Oven
  3. Toilet Paper
  4. Food
  5. WaterKayak campsite
  6. Lighter
  7. Knife
  8. Tent
  9. Sleeping Bag
  10. Water Purifier
  11. Rainwear
  12. Topography Map


  1. Sense of adventure
  2. Kayak
  3. Fishing Gear
  4. Pillows
  5. Sleeping Pad
  6. Mess Kit
  7. Hammock
  8. Cooler


  1. Spouses
  2. Nacho Cheese Doritos
  3. Booze
  4. Beer
  5. Entertainment

We think Tcipip Nut phrased it best when he wrote, “The mindset to unplug, sit back, relax, and enjoy. Don’t forget to look up at night and enjoy the stars show in hopefully dark skies.” Think our Facebook fans missed something? Comment below and let us know!

10 Crazy Questions About Your Outdoor Pastime

Sitka, AK

We asked our Facebook fans, “What’s the craziest thing people ask you about your outdoor hobby?” The answers were incredible! Here’s 10 of our favorites:

1. Where do you pee? — Asked to Tim C.

2. You go out into the ocean in THAT?! — Asked to Christopher H.

3. Don’t you have enough kayaks? — Asked to Kenneth W.

4. What if a shark tips you over? — Asked to Don W.

5. You kayak in the winter? — Asked to Martha B.

6. Aren’t you afraid of tipping over? — Asked to Diana J.

7. You have sonar on that thing? — Asked to Allen M.

8. How does it float with holes in it? — Asked to Howard P.

9. What do you do once you hook a fish? — Asked to David T.

10. What happens if it sinks? — Asked to Brent D.

So have you ever been asked any of these things? Have your own crazy question to add? Let us know by commenting below!

The entire collection of questions can be found here.

Meet the Desk of ACK Web Developer Jeremy Arntz

At one point in my life, I was told not to be Facebook friends with my coworkers. Supposedly, it invites all sorts of conflicting professional and personal interests to arise. Well, I didn’t listen to whoever told me that and my reward is gems like this post from ACK Web Developer, Jeremy Arntz, who decided last night to share an annotated photo of his desk. Why? I am not sure. But then again, why does anyone post anything to Facebook? Here was his post:

An annotated photo of my cube/desk at Austin Kayak:

Meet Jeremy's Desk.
Meet Jeremy’s Desk.

1. Magni Amp and Modi DAC from Shiit Audio
2. Late 2011 Macbook Pro on a mStand Laptop Stand from Rain Design
3. Apple keyboard and mouse
4. A cheap calculator (I use it every day)
5. Misc pens and a pair of scissors
6. Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Cloths Wipes (Good for glasses and screens)
7. Hand Sanitizer
8. Facial Tissues (It’s allergy season.)
9. A cheat sheet for ACK’s product image naming convention.
10. Post card for ACK’s Fall 2013 Demo Days
11. A foam core cut out of Wilderness Systems Kayaks Tarpon 140 that is the same color as my Tarpon 160.
12. My race number from the 2013 Colorado River Ramble (It was my first race and I came in second to last in my class, but I had a good time.)
13. A lighting kit from SuperNova Fishing Lights that I need to install on my kayak.
14. Misc junk: a tiny bottle of Rudy’s BBQ sauce, Nuun tabs, Display port to DVI converter, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, fingerless gloves, and a tape dispenser.

I can’t promise it will still look like this if you decided to come stop by the ACK office to get a up closer look…company owner Peter Messana commented on the post saying “I feel as if I should rearrange your cube this morning”.

BlackPak Your ‘Yak Winner Announced!

Brian enjoying a new fishing spot with a friend.
Brian enjoying a new fishing spot with a friend.

April has brought over forty great entries into our “BlackPak Your ‘Yak!” kayak fishing photo contest, sponsored by YakAttack, on Facebook and close to a thousand votes. Despite some last minute competition between several of the entries, only one could emerge as our grand prize winner, and that winner was Brian Martin! Congrats to Brian and a huge thank you to all of our contestants who submitted entries. There were a ton of great photos! Keep an eye out for more contests and chances to win prizes soon.

As the grand prize winner, Brian will be receiving an ACK branded YakAttack BlackPak and accessory package that includes a Hawg Trough with Hawg Trough Mounting Brackets, 3 Extra BlackPak Rod Holders, PanFish Camera Pole and a VISICarbon Pro Light.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

BlackPak Your ‘Yak! Kayak/SUP Fishing Photo Contest on Facebook

On April 1st, we launched BlackPak Your ‘Yak! a kayak/SUP fishing photo contest sponsored by YakAttack on the ACK Facebook page. We invite you to participate in the contest by submitting your kayak/SUP fishing photo or voting for others’.

The contest will be open for voting and photo submissions for the duration of April and the photo that gets the most votes will be awarded the grand prize, an ACK branded YakAttack BlackPak and accessory package that includes a Hawg Trough with Hawg Trough Mounting Brackets, 3 Extra BlackPak Rod Holders, PanFish Camera Pole and a VISICarbon Pro Light. So take a look, submit your own entry and/or vote for your favorites! 

Joseph @ACK


It’s Spring on Facebook…Spring, Texas Store That Is.

For those of you following the much anticipated Grand Opening of our new store in Spring, Texas, we are making progress and are getting closer to the big date! With that, we are also opening up our online social media page for the Spring, Texas store to help communicate with our online customer. I invite you to join us, see the progress as we setup our displays and stay in tune with special events including our grand opening celebration. Click here to “Like” our Spring store Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Roland @ACK



Fall 2012 Outfit Your Adventure Gear Giveaway

We’d like to officially announce our 2012 Fall Outfit Your Adventure Gear Giveaway to take place on our Facebook page beginning Oct. 22nd! This will be like our previous 2012 Summer Outfit Your Adventure Gear Giveaway but with different prizes fit for fall! Here are the details: Each week for five weeks, visitors that like our Facebook page and fill out an entry form will have the chance to win a product. It will be a different product each week including (in order of giveaway) a Lodge Logic 8 quart Dutch Oven with a copy of Camp Ducth Oven Cooking 101, a pair of 31′ Talic Sea Horse Stands, a GSI Bugaboo Camper Cook Set, an Astral Ronny PFD and the grand prize a Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent with a footprint.

So How Do You Enter?

There is not much to it. Each contestant will earn one entry by ‘liking‘ our Facebook page and completing an entry form, but can earn an additional five entries each time a friend enters by following personalized shared links. Basically, the more you share, the better your chances of winning.

Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page where we’ll make the official kick-off announcement!

10,000 Likes = A Better Discount

Wondering how to share? This will show ya!

Today is an exciting day for us…we’ve reached just over 9,500 likes on our Facebook page. If you follow any of our social media networks, you already know we aren’t shy about communicating with our customers and we hope that you enjoy it! So here’s the deal, we are on a fast track to hit 10,000 soon. As a way of thanking our Facebook friends (I prefer to say friends instead of likes because after all, you are people), we are going to deepen the discount on our current Facebook coupon code tab (Click here to see it) to 20% for 10 days (see coupon for details)! However, to get us there even faster, we need your help! If you already “like” our page, please share it with all of your outdoorsy friends and if you don’t, well…go like it! :-)

Thanks again for your support!

Roland @ACK


Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes Update: Week One Winner Announced

Packaged up and ready to go! Congrats Tony!

Congratulations to Tony Valentine from the great state of Mississippi for winning the first prize, an MSR Reactor Stove System, in the ACK 2012 Outfit Your Adventure Gear Giveaway.

The contest runs through early August. Anyone can participate by simply “liking” our Facebook page and entering via a short form. What makes the contest unique is that if you share with your friends, you can obtain an unlimited amount of multiple entries increasing your chances of winning. Additionally, all participants have multiple chances of winning regardless if they have already won or not!

Prizes being offered include a Gregory Fury 24 Backpack, an NRS Pilot Knife, a Werner Camano Paddle and a GoPro Video Camera!

Click here to enter and good luck! – Roland @ACK

Oh So Social!

I’ve been spending time trying to figure out how to utilize all of our social media networks to better communicate with our customers, vendors, friends and partners. Fact is, our biggest challenge we face is making sure we keep them all up to date. While Facebook may seem to be the end-all be-all social media network, there is so much more out there. After re-evaulating our collection of social media networks it became apparent to me that we really need to organize it all and make it accessible from one place and that we will. In the meantime, I thought it might be beneficial for me to share all of them with you here. Check it out and expect more soon. Be sure to bookmark them and if you are not already a friend, follower or subscriber or, I encourage you to do so. We do our best to keep our communication informative, fun, relevant and up-to-date! – Roland @ACK

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/austinkayak

Facebook (Austin Store) – https://www.facebook.com/ACKAustin

Facebook (San Marcos Store) – https://www.facebook.com/ACKSanMarcos

Facebook (Houston Store) – https://www.facebook.com/ACKHouston

Facebook (Spring Store) – https://www.facebook.com/ACKSpring

Twitter (ACK) – http://twitter.com/austinkayak

Twitter (Kayak Launch Points) – http://twitter.com/launchpoints

Twitter (Rack Boys) – http://twitter.com/RackBoys

Google + (ACK) – https://plus.google.com/101722224525749270723/

ACK Blog – http://www.austinkayak.com/blog

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Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/austinkayak

Then of course you have all of what we refer to as our social directories such as Yelp and Google Places amongst many others. Just type in “austin kayak” or “rack boys” in either Houston, Austin or San Marcos Texas for local store details and to review us.