Kayaking Family Takes to the Road

There’s nothing like some quality family bonding time spent on the water, and this one will be getting plenty of it. The soon to be 14 member Kellogg Family (11 kids, one on the way), are packing up their kayaks and family into a 35 ft RV, selling their house and taking to the road to explore new places and rivers. “Everything we have done comes from wanting to be free,” says Susie Kellogg. We have to applaud this family for their sense of adventure and wish them luck in their endeavors. To read the full story at the Denver Post, click here.

In the News: 90,000 Acres Donated to State of Colorado

Source: Outdoor Hub

We like! Question is, will they eventually open to outdoor recreation? Outdoor Hub reports:

New York hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon has announced that he will donate 90,000 acres of Colorado land to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for the creation of the Sangre de Christo Conservation Area.

According to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, it is the “largest single conservation easement” given to the USFWS. The donation will help preserve the southern portion of Colorado which includes some of the state’s highest peaks. Click to read the full story here.