Climbing at Reimers Ranch Park


This past Sunday, I wanted to get outside and accomplish some much needed climbing. After warming up a bit at the North Austin Rock Gym I headed west to Reimer’s Ranch for some bouldering, hiking, and people watching. In my option, Reimer’s Ranch has proven to be the best outdoor climbing spot closest to Austin, TX (besides the Greenbelt) where you can perform a series of different styles from bouldering to sport climbing including some epic and notorious climbs including the famous “Arbor Wall”. Most of the rocks are already bolted up so if you fancy top-rope climbing, there are plenty of fun under-hangs all ready for you to test out!

reimersranchReimer’s Ranch is easily the most populated hiking spot near Austin. There are so many different activities from fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking, swimming, and the obvious climbing. Continue reading Climbing at Reimers Ranch Park

5 Essentials of Climbing

Guest blog written by Samarth Vasisht.

Rock Climbing Hammocks

Climbing is an awesome way to have fun while staying in shape. One of the best things about climbing is that anyone, no matter body type, size, or age has unique strengths and weaknesses that make almost any crag possible to scale. There are many times where I have been quickly humbled by a 6-7 year old kid on the wall and it reminds me that relative to a lot of other sports, climbing is less about strength and more about balance and technique. Although training and working on overall strength will help out a lot, that is something that can come from climbing and exercise over time. Not to mention there are a ton of unique places to hammock when you’re up their chasing those views! Continue reading 5 Essentials of Climbing

New Product Category Notice: Rescue and Safety

If you’ve been visiting our website ( over the last several years, you may have noticed an evolution of how we organize our products. The reason behind this is simply focused on your shopping experience. We continually strive to provide an easier more convenient path to the products you are looking for specifically in how we categorize our online catalog. Our most recent addition is the “Rescue and Safety” category. Outdoor sports are generally safe but we want our customer to be prepared in any emergency. Click here to check it out! Roland @ACK