How To Wash Your Eno Hammock

Guest Blog by the Eno Hammock Team

Life happens to hammocks. Mud, coffee and trail mix can most likely be found on or in many hammocks after a full season of hanging around in them. Don’t fret too much though, it’s easy to keep your Eno Hammock clean and fresh throughout it’s lifetime.

The nature of the parachute nylon is fairly dirt resistant to begin with, but it’s always good to spot clean extra dirty spots along the way. Sometimes, it’s nice to revert your hammock back into a flawless, soft, breezy oasis.

Eno hammock carabinerStep 1. Remove Carabiners.

Make sure you don’t wash the carabiners! Remove them from your Eno Hammock and set them to the side. Be sure to keep track of them so when your hammock is clean and dry you can get right back to hammocking!

Step 2. Gentle Detergent.

Add just a little dose of a gentle detergent. Wash your hammock alone, with nothing else in the machine. This will get it the cleanest. Do not add fabric softeners or any additional cleaning agents. Wash on cold!!

Step 3: Line Dry.

It’s best to do this chore on a sunny breezy day. That way you can line dry your Eno Hammock outside. Regarless if you do it indoors or out, air drying is what we recommend. When drying outside in the fresh air, it won’t take longer than thirty minutes for your hammock to completely dry.

Step 4: Get In Your Hammock.

Hopefully it doesn't stay clean for long!
Hopefully it doesn’t stay clean for long!

Re-attach your carabiners and get outside…once it’s clean, it’s time to get your Eno Hammock dirty again! :)




Quick Tip – Keep It Clean!

As a female angler, I am in complete shock when I see my friends go out with their brand new kayaks looking all fresh and detailed only to return home with a filthy, full of dead bait kayak and never even clean it. Really?! Come on guys! Most launch points have a car wash within a few miles. At least rinse that thing off!

All joking aside, it really is smart to keep your kayaks clean and taken care of. Why would you spend that much on something and then not take care of it? That’s crazy! Here are a few simple suggestions to keeping your kayak clean and extending its life span.

Rinse your boat down and clean it out with “Simple Green” (an all purpose environmentally friendly cleaner you can get from almost any store). Be sure to clean it inside and out.

Once clean, I highly recommended “303 Protectant”, it’s like a sun block for your boat to help keep it from fading, keeps it shiny and holds the “new boat” look as well as keeping it from getting brittle. You would want to use 303 after Simple Green. Just spray your boat in sections, wiping as you go. Make sure to leave your hatches open to prevent moisture from sitting inside your boat too!

Fifteen minutes is all it takes!

Amanda @ACK Houston