5 Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Buying a Good Camp Chair

Old versus new.
Old versus new.

Despite camping once or twice a month, I never felt like it was worth investing in a quality camp chair. I had bought a pair of $5 brand-less chairs and had been using the one that hadn’t fully broken down after the first use. That was until I decided to take the plunge and buy one of the Kelty Mesh Folding Chairs.

I had been a bit scared of the price tag but was tired of my old cheap chair which continued to fall apart little by little. Well, all I can say is I don’t regret the purchase one bit and don’t think you will either. Here’s five reasons why:

The Kelty Mesh Folding Chair
The Kelty Mesh Folding Chair
  1. No more broken arm rests. Arm rests are the first thing to go on a poorly made chair because they have such little support.
  2. Hold cups, cans & bottles with confidence. Good quality camp chairs have good quality cup holders so you won’t have to worry about your drinking falling out or even breaking through the bottom.
  3. Features! A good quality camp chair will have some bells and whistles that you’ll never find in your $5 one. The Kelty Mesh Folding chair comes with adjustable arm rests, ventilated mesh & an attached bottle opener!
  4. Quality chairs are backed by quality manufacturers. If I had an issue with my Kelty chair I could call up their customer service team and ask for help. Not the case for my older one.
  5. Look like you know what you’re doing. You just don’t look camp ready when you pull out a folding chair that has trouble standing on it’s own four feet. Quality chairs show you’ve come prepared.

So there you have it, five reasons why I don’t think you’ll regret spending a little extra on your next camp chair. In addition to the Kelty Mesh Folding Chair, we also offer a number of other camp furniture options including the Wenzel Folding Banquet ChairEureka Directors Chair as well as many more.  We guarantee that any of them will beat that old $5 chair you bought.

In Focus: Unique Products

As ACK’s photographer, I’ve had my hands on a majority of the products we carry at some point and if I haven’t had to photograph something we carry, I’ve at least seen photos of every item. That means long hours in the studio and staging the shoots allows me to become more familiar with their features. We stock a ton of great products but from time to time, something stands out because of its unique features or functionality, here are a few I thought I’d share…

Something that caught my eye a while ago was the SteriPEN Adventurer Handheld Water Purifier. For starters, I didn’t really know the technology existed in this form. I was under the impression water filtration and purification for personal use was mainly through pitcher filters, refrigerators or tap add-ons but a handheld water purifier can be your best friend if you’re camping, hiking, paddling or doing most anything outdoors where you might be away from clean drinking water. This guy works quickly and, well… it works! It even doubles as a backup light so you can use it in the dark or use it to light your way. Its compact and lightweight so its a great gadget even for those outdoor minimalists.

Another product that peaked my interest is North Water’s Four Play Paddle Float. Some paddle floats are generic and perform the minimum task expected but this one rises to the top for several reasons. While the Four Play performs the advertised task with ease it also has several alter egos. It has multiple uses like a camp chair, a sleeping pad, a cushion on top of your car when unloading a kayak or canoe, a skid stopper to protect the bottom of your boat from scraping the ground and more. I prefer products that surprise you with their functionality and this is certainly one.

As I continue on with the clicking, I’ll be sure to stop by from time to time to offer some insight on some unique and usefull products that I come across. -Trent @ ACK