YakAttack BlackPak Review

The YakAttack BlackPak

The milk crate is a staple in kayak fishing accessories and it has been around since I can remember. I have seen crates rigged out in so many ways – it seems like everyone customizes their crate to their liking and their fishing style. Not having a crate to put your gear in is like not having a paddle to power the kayak. I cannot remember the last time I saw a kayaker on the water that has not had some kind of a crate in their tankwell.

Recently YakAttack has introduced the BlackPak crate for gear management and rigging. When I first received the BlackPak I was skeptical on how this would benefit my fishing or me. Could it hold up to the abuse that I put my gear through? Would it accommodate the standard fishing gear that I commonly use? Would this fit my fishing style?

When I first opened the package I was kind of overwhelmed with the parts and all. I soon began assembling the BlackPak, which was less than desirable. The instructions were not as clear as I would have hoped so the assembly of the BlackPak was not pleasant and took more time than I would have liked. After assembled however, the BlackPak is sturdy and strong.

Note from ACK: We’ve passed Jason’s comments on to YakAttack and in the meantime would like to refer anyone interested in help assembling the product to this assembly video.

Great fit in the Tarpon's tankwell.
Great fit in the Tarpon’s tankwell.

The first time using the BlackPak was during a kayak fishing tournament . I wanted to see how the BlackPak would hold up to all of the tournament gear/ load that I normally take and it did not disappoint! The BlackPak held up to the elements just fine and it also gave me ample space for all my gear with much more space to spare. It kept my gear dry and did not expose anything to the elements, which is extremely important to me. It also fit well within the tankwell of my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 – it was nice not have it rocking around in the tankwell while I fished. I was fortunate to win first place Redfish in this tournament and was happy that the BlackPak accommodated all of my fishing gear for the tournament while holding up to the harsh fishing conditions.

The BlackPak is built to accommodate more fishing rods than you will need (up to 10 rods). After assembly it can be rigged out in many different ways. The many predrilled holes makes rigging simple and you can mount many different accessories to it, which is very unique. Every crate that I see now is rigged out differently and the BlackPak can be custom rigged to tailor to your fishing style or needs. The pre-drilled hole patterns match Scotty bases which is a feature that is very valuable to kayak anglers.

Protection from the elements? Check!
Protection from the elements? Check!

I really liked the bungees that hinged the lid together. It is a simple but very effective feature. I found getting to my gear was easy and sealing up the lid was very simple with one bungee. I also liked how sturdy and solid the BlackPak felt. I never had the feeling like the bottom was going cave in or my gear would be exposed to the elements that they are typically exposed to. The BlackPak is a great solution for anglers that want a good quality-built crate that gives ample storage and quality construction to mount accessories on. Anglers have infinite rigging options to accommodate their fishing styles but I kept mine pretty simple for the most part.

The BlackPak really can benefit every kayak angler. With the many rigging options and quality construction, I am certain that we will be seeing many more of the BlackPaks in the tankwells of fellow kayak anglers. I will soon be adding some accessories to my personal BlackPak and rigging it more to meet my fishing style.

About the author: Jason Blackwell spends much of his free time on the water kayak fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Whether he is fishing the Texas marshes or fishing a lake,  high quality gear is a must-have!


BlackPak Your ‘Yak Winner Announced!

Brian enjoying a new fishing spot with a friend.
Brian enjoying a new fishing spot with a friend.

April has brought over forty great entries into our “BlackPak Your ‘Yak!” kayak fishing photo contest, sponsored by YakAttack, on Facebook and close to a thousand votes. Despite some last minute competition between several of the entries, only one could emerge as our grand prize winner, and that winner was Brian Martin! Congrats to Brian and a huge thank you to all of our contestants who submitted entries. There were a ton of great photos! Keep an eye out for more contests and chances to win prizes soon.

As the grand prize winner, Brian will be receiving an ACK branded YakAttack BlackPak and accessory package that includes a Hawg Trough with Hawg Trough Mounting Brackets, 3 Extra BlackPak Rod Holders, PanFish Camera Pole and a VISICarbon Pro Light.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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-Trent @ ACK

BlackPak Your ‘Yak! Kayak/SUP Fishing Photo Contest on Facebook

On April 1st, we launched BlackPak Your ‘Yak! a kayak/SUP fishing photo contest sponsored by YakAttack on the ACK Facebook page. We invite you to participate in the contest by submitting your kayak/SUP fishing photo or voting for others’.

The contest will be open for voting and photo submissions for the duration of April and the photo that gets the most votes will be awarded the grand prize, an ACK branded YakAttack BlackPak and accessory package that includes a Hawg Trough with Hawg Trough Mounting Brackets, 3 Extra BlackPak Rod Holders, PanFish Camera Pole and a VISICarbon Pro Light. So take a look, submit your own entry and/or vote for your favorites! 

Joseph @ACK