ACK Austin Caught in the ACT!

Never a Dull Moment at the ACK Austin Store

With the beautiful weather and the 4th of July weekend  quickly approaching, I’ve been dying to check out one of our performance paddles and get out on the water. The ACK Austin store being the closest of our 4 ACK stores to me, I decided this afternoon would be the perfect time for me to pop in and see what they were up to.  I guess I’m not the only one with the water in mind this weekend because the store was hoppin’! We had guys running around doing all sorts of things. One was giving advice to some first time customers. Another was installing a new rack system on an SUV and third was even repairing a kayak! Sometimes I wonder, what can’t these guys do!?!

SUP Instruction from BIC SUP

Do you know the 1st Golden Rule of Stand Up Paddling? Learn that and more from these three Bic SUP instructional videos all about the basics of paddleboarding. They cover How to Carry a SUP, What to Do When You Fall Off and The Golden Rules of Stand Up Paddling. See more SUP Instructional Videos from Werner Paddles and Bic SUP by searching the tag ‘SUP Instruction‘ on our blog.


SUP Surfing 101 w/ BIC SUP

Before you take your stand up paddleboard (SUP) to the surf for the first time,  check out the video below from BIC SUP. This 101 video will help you master the basics for catching your first wave on a paddleboard. Take our word for it – learning these techniques can help prevent injury and ensure you have more fun on the water.

Joseph @ACK

Choosing a SUP

Pro Athlete Micha Shaw of Surftech SUP

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. If you’ve thought about getting in to stand up paddleboarding (SUP) now is great time to buy a board so that you don’t miss any of those early warm days.

One of your first considerations when choosing a board is your primary activity. Stand up paddleboards are designed for a specific use and while you might be able to use a touring board in the surf, it’s not going to perform as well as a surf specific board. Board types include surf, touring, racing, recreational and angler. Continue reading Choosing a SUP