In Focus: the Jetboil Flash Cooking System

You want to be comfortable when camping and food is certainly a big part of that comfort. We like the Jetboil Flash Cooking System so much we decided to show it off a bit in a new “In Focus:” video. This thing heats water in no time (well, ~2 minutes if you’re counting…) and will have you preparing food quickly so you can get back out there on the trail or in your boat so you can enjoy your trip without spending most of it cooking food! Enjoy the video and let us know if you have any questions or comments!

-Trent @ ACK

A New Brand for the Backcountry: Wetterlings

We are always in pursuit of the best quality products to offer our customers and we think we’ve found that in Wetterlings, a Swedish company making heavy-duty forged steel axes. We currently carry four models of their axes and I must say, having held these in my hands, I can attest to their quality and craftsmanship. This is a company that does not skimp and the quality of their axes is hard to match.

Some things that stand out about the company itself is the fact that they’ve been around since 1880 and their CEO, 23-year-old Julia Kalthoff. As a 23-year-old myself it is very inspirational to see a young person take a company as old as Wetterlings and lead them, making great quality products along the way. The New York Times wrote a nice profile on Julia and subsequently Wetterlings and we urge you to take a few minutes to check it out, here.

-Trent @ ACK

Two New Brands to Keep the Bears Away

Fall IS camping season and for those traveling into the back country…well, it never hurts to be prepared. We’ve been adding ton’s of new brands but two in particular might pique theĀ interestĀ of those who want to be ready for traveling in bear country. Of course, we don’t expect anyone to be planning any bear encounters but these products will go a long way to prepare and protect you for the unexpected.

Tested By Bears, Used by Campers
It isn’t often that back country travelers awaken to find a bear rummaging through their food, but when it does happen it can be a real drag. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that Backpacker’s Cache has joined the ACK family just in time for the Fall camping season. Backpacker’s Cache creates a very unique container that not only keeps bears out but is also designed to reduce odors from the 6 days worth of food that can be stored inside.

Sprays We Hope You Never Have to Use
There is a lot to consider when traveling the back country. For those that aim to be prepared for every situation, we’ve added Ruger Pepper Sprays to our website. Of course, these are products that will come in handy only in the most dire of situations, so we really hope you never have to use them – but it’s never a bad idea to carry some with you. The sprays include a general pepper spray as well as one designed specifically as a bear repellent.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to be prepared when traveling in areas known to be populated by bears! – Joseph@ACK